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Last Jew in Prague

A homeless man recalls how the Nazis gave his grandfather the choice of death or helping them find who murdered 3 SS men in Prague and how his connection to this so upended his life. Blending historical fiction, mystery, and magic realism, Last Jew in Prague is a novel about lifting yourself up when all you want to do is keep falling. But it's more than just a novel. I was once a successful urban professional. I also worked in Prague for years, where I became immersed in the history, culture, and language of the people there. In recent years, though, I’ve struggled with homelessness. This story has helped inspire me forward, and I hope you find it just as inspiring.


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Chapter One: A Pair of Nights
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Chapter Two: When a Predator Becomes Prey
Show Details1min 38s
Chapter Three: A Promise Unsaid
Show Details13min 11s
Chapter Four: Smetana in Theresienstadt
Show Details9min 51s
Chapter Five: The Envy of Every Woman
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Chapter Six: The Woman in the Yellow Shawl
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Chapter Seven: A Spark of Aspiration
Show Details8min 55s
Chapter Eight: An Unexpected Kindness
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Chapter Nine: Dreaming of Knaidels
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Chapter Ten: The Café Across from Jáchym Street
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Chapter Eleven: The Pickle Jar by the Window
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Chapter Twelve: It Happened on Kant Street
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Chapter Thirteen: A Door Ajar
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Chapter Fourteen: Out of a Wagnerian Opera
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Chapter Fifteen: The Stomping Feet
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Chapter Sixteen: A Mirror Reflecting Time
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Chapter Seventeen: The Book of Creation
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Chapter Eighteen: The Exhibition of Extinct Peoples
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Chapter Nineteen: Their Own Triple Entente
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Chapter Twenty: Three Plates of Venison
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Chapter Twenty-One: An Unlikely Turn
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Chapter Twenty-Two: The Blessing After the Meal
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Chapter Twenty-Three: The Voice on the Phone
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Chapter Twenty-Four: Something Like a Drug
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Chapter Twenty-Five: In the Rain
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Chapter Twenty-Six: One Mystery Leads to Another
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Chapter Twenty-Seven: The Footprints in the Cellar
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Chapter Twenty-Eight: Under the Glare of Jan Hus
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Chapter Twenty-Nine: Bumping into Each Other
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Chapter Thirty: The Joy of Potato Dumplings
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Chapter Thirty-One: Collaborating with the Enemy
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Chapter Thirty-Two: When a Chicken Scratches
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Chapter Thirty-Three: A Ride in a Paternoster
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Chapter Thirty-Four: The Eyes of a Golem
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Chapter Thirty-Five: A Small Amount of Happiness
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Chapter Thirty-Six: The Skirt-Chaser
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Chapter Thirty-Seven: The Swatting of a Fly
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Chapter Thirty-Eight: The Man Who Refused To Collaborate
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Chapter Thirty-Nine: What Lurks in the Shadows
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Chapter Forty: Returning to the Scene of the Crime
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Chapter Forty-One: A Large Number of Valuables
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Chapter Forty-Two: The Circumstances of His Death
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Chapter Forty-Three: Pretending It All Away
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Chapter Forty-Four: Dinner with Hegel and Heisenberg and a Man Named Saul
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Chapter Forty-Five: Different Turns of the Same Phrase
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Chapter Forty-Six: Cutting to the Chase
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Chapter Forty-Seven: The Last Goodbye
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Chapter Forty-Eight: The Kindness of His Smile
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Chapter Forty-Nine: The Papers on the Floor
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Chapter Fifty: In Pursuit of Mr. Malý
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Chapter Fifty-One: Good King Wenceslas
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Chapter Fifty-Two: A Sense of Something Familiar
Show Details2min 21s
Chapter Fifty-Three: From Deep Inside the Building
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Chapter Fifty-Four: Limitless Unknowns and No Equations
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Chapter Fifty-Five: A Sudden Burst of Excitement
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Chapter Fifty-Six: Following the Suspects
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Chapter Fifty-Seven: A Stunning Realization
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Chapter Fifty-Eight: The Road from Home
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Thank You
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