Ep69: Rewind Episode - RENE

Season 3 | Episode 69
56m | May 6, 2023

In this rewind episode, we look back in on our conversation with singer-songwriter RENE, who has a new EP out: Slipped Through My Fingers.

RENE started piano lessons when she was only four, and since then, she has taken on the world with her unique blend of pop-punk. Even the pandemic didn't stop her musical journey. In 2021, she released her debut EP, Something To Hide, and rocked the Baybeats stage at the end of the year. Here, she shares...

...about her time in The Lonely Hearts Club Band (yes, it was a thing) she develops her songs and why she hates people pigeonholing her music into "genres"

...the biggest lessons she's learnt along the way

(original airdate: 25.2.22)



Listen to RENE's Slipped Through My Fingers


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