Ep71: Rewind Episode - Isaac Chiew of Cactus Cactus

Season 3 | Episode 71
53m | May 19, 2023

Rock trio Cactus Cactus dropped their new EP, Life Is Short, this weekend, so we thought we'd revisit our conversation with singer Isaac Chiew, who's surely one of the brighter sparks in the music scene today.


This podcast series isn't only about musos of the past – this week, we talk to young Isaac Chiew, a music lover and musician who's taking things into his own hands with his band Cactus Cactus and his company, Big Duck Music. How did he get started? What made him decide to stage Naybeats – his version of Baybeats? And why did he risk getting charged by his army commander just so he could do a gig?



Life Is Short EP

Get tickets for their EP launch on 28 May

Cactus Cactus  

Isaac’s company, Big Duck Music

KayMac's music

Kevin's Time Flies album


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