EP62: Meet the young turks... it's motifs!

58m | Mar 4, 2023

"Young hearts be free tonight... time is on your side". Formed in 2019, motifs made waves in 2022 with their sparkling performance at Baybeats. Remarkably, that was only their third live appearance!

Almost as quickly as they formed though, the pandemic put the brakes on the band's aspirations; but in late 2021, they got going again – with a new drummer, no less – and a year later, they released their debut album, Remember A Stranger.

As a lauded young band from the Lion City, motifs seem to have a bright road ahead to tread. But why did a group of millennials and Gen Zers take on a decidedly Gen X genre like shoegaze? Join motifs' Els, JJ and Jolin (with a cameo from Paul) as they answer those questions and more...



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