Bible With Megan Podcast

My name's Megan and here I talk about the Bible! I have two types of episodes on this podcast.

The first are topical episodes about wider themes in the Bible and questions about how it relates to our lives and world.

The second are Bible studies where each week I work chronologically through a book of the Bible.

I live in Cornwall, UK with my husband Zian and have a BA (Hons) degree in Theology. Ministry and Mission.

Instagram: @biblewithmegan

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Teens to Young Women: A Passion for Discipleship (feat. Rachel Campbell)
Show Details17min 28s
UPDATE: Plans for 2022
Show Details9min 43s
The pit of weird locusts: Episode 19 (Revelation series Ch 9)
Show Details35min 34s
Silence, Incense and Wormwood: (Ep. 18 Revelation Ch. 8)
Show Details30min 16s
Great Tribulation: How to do a word study (Ep.18 Revelation Ch. 7 part 2)
Show Details27min 48s
The 144,000: Different Interpretations (Ep.17 Revelation Ch 7)
Show Details25min 48s
A Method to Resist the Devil
Show Details22min 6s
What are Seals 1 to 6 about?: Considering Context. Ep. 16 Revelation Series (Ch. 6)
Show Details45min 28s
What happened when Jesus died? The Biblical backstory (feat. Zian Mackay)
Show Details25min 38s
The Nature of Time: Revelation Series (Ep. 15)
Show Details21min 49s
Why is the Lamb Worthy?: Revelation 5 (Study Series Ep.14)
Show Details43min 6s
Decoding Details: Revelation 4 Part 2 (Study Series Ep.13)
Show Details38min 22s
Foundational Links: Revelation 4 Part 1 (Study Series Ep.12)
Show Details25min 56s
4 Bible Resources I Love
Show Details18min 42s
Don't Be Lukewarm: Revelation 3:14-22 (Study Series Ep. 11)
Show Details21min 44s
How does God interact with Israel today? : Discussing Dispensationalism with Zian Mackay
Show Details31min 10s
Hold Fast: Philadelphia (Revelation Study Series Ep.10)
Show Details16min 24s
Reputation isn't everything - Sardis (Revelation Study Series Ep. 9)
Show Details22min 18s
How can I trust God?
Show Details22min 26s
But What Does It MEAN?: Using Exegesis
Show Details21min 33s
Resisting Temptation to Compromise: Thyatira (Revelation Study Series Ep. 8)
Show Details28min 7s
Hermeneutics: We all do it but what is it?
Show Details20min 40s
Revelation Ep. 8 : Pergamum (Ch 2:12-17)
Show Details12min 29s
Revelation Ep.6 : Smyrna (Ch 2:8-11)
Show Details11min 24s
Revelation Ep.5 : Ephesus (Ch 2:1-7)
Show Details12min 12s
Revelation Ep.4 : 6 Point Pattern in Jesus' Messages to the 7 Churches
Show Details12min 40s
Revelation Ep.3 : Opening Vision (Ch 1:9-20)
Show Details13min 6s
Revelation Ep.2 : Themes (Ch 1:4-8)
Show Details12min 44s
Revelation Ep. 1 : Genre
Show Details12min 44s