Romans | Part 1 | EP 1 | Introduction

51m | Feb 5, 2023

Romans, It's A Letter

Part 1/Episode 1 of the Romans After Church Podcast has host Trey Bailey, Executive Pastor of Eastridge Church, chatting with Stephanie Akiyama, South Campus Director, and Kurt Petersheim, East Campus Pastor, about the context and culture surrounding Paul's letter to the Romans.

General intro to the letter to the Romans.

Scripture focus: Romans 1:1-7

Who wrote Romans? 

  • Who’s thoughts?
  • Who actually penned words to paper?
  • Who read/performed the letter?

Who is the letter addressed to?

When was it written?

WHY did Paul write the letter? 

What’s the context for the letter…what’s going on in Rome?

Why is it important to read Romans today?

What excites YOU about studying this letter together?

What’s your favorite verse/section of Romans?

Look briefly at Romans 1:1-7 (see sermon notes for bullet points and items to discuss)

  • Servant, messenger, set apart
  • Good News/Gospel is that God has made a way for us to be reconciled to God through Jesus
  • Son of God/Christ our King
  • “Obedience of faith”

Questions for reflection:

  1. Paul, who calls himself a slave/servant of Christ Jesus, has been called (set apart) to tell the Gentiles about the good news of Jesus. What is your “calling” (vocation)? How can you display your servanthood to Jesus?
  2. One of the reasons Paul writes to the church in Rome is to help them become unified. Two groups of differing opinions were not in unity. Paul points to the Gospel as the only means by which we come together. What is one way you can promote peace in your church congregation, small group, or family?

Find all the resources at Eastridge.Church/Romans

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