Sexual Things | A Discussion About 1 Corinthians

39m | May 5, 2024

Navigating Sexual Immorality and Church Unity

In this episode, we discuss sexual immorality and church unity. We unpack the teachings of the Apostle Paul, exploring how he addressed serious issues like sexual sin, lawsuits among believers, and the proper way for Christians to handle moral failings within the church.

We discuss the cultural challenges that can lead to sexual immorality, offering practical advice on how to "flee" from temptation and maintain a pure lifestyle. You'll hear real stories and insights from pastors, sharing their experiences with accountability, setting boundaries, and seeking redemption. Whether you're part of a church community or just interested in what the Bible says about these topics, this episode provides a candid look at the messy realities of church life and the hope we can find in Christ.

Tune in for an honest conversation that doesn't shy away from the hard questions, but seeks to find answers rooted in faith and understanding. We hope this episode encourages you to pursue holiness and provides you with the tools to navigate the complexities of our modern world with integrity.

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