Intro To 1 Corinthians | EP 16

36m | Apr 28, 2024

The Church of Corinth was a Messy Church. We discuss the challenging issues they faced—divisions, sexual immorality, litigation, and more—and how the Apostle Paul provided guidance through the lens of the gospel. We tackle topics like pride, humility, and the importance of relying on God's wisdom over our own. Discover practical insights and relatable stories that highlight the importance of Christian community, walking in the Spirit, and boasting in Christ rather than our own accomplishments. Whether you're a church leader or a believer navigating a complex faith journey, this episode offers valuable lessons on finding grace in the midst of chaos.

Questions From The Podcast:

1.What sorts of things are you tempted to “boast in” other than Jesus? 

2.How have you struggled to walk in the Spirit vs walking in your own power/wisdom? Give a specific example.

3.How have you seen the emptiness of worldly wisdom in your life?

4.How are you actively combating your own pride in order to humbly boast in the Lord?

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