Romans 8:1-27 | EP 8 | Spirit of God

59m | Apr 30, 2023

Week 8 : Apr 30 // Romans 8

Host Trey Bailey welcomes Stephanie Akiyama, Campus Director at Eastridge South and Scott England, Associate Pastor at Eastridge East. They dig into some interesting topics including a prayer language. Listen with an open mind.

Scripture focus: Romans 8:1-27

Main point: The children of God are led by the Spirit of God.

The Holy Spirit lives in you.

No condemnation.

Children of God

Questions for reflection:

  1. Why does it really matter that we know whether or not we are children of God? (8:14-17)
  2. How does knowing that you are a child of God change your attitude and the way that you live? (8:14-17)
  3. How have you been empowered and equipped to “put to death” the sin in your life, by the Holy Spirit? How have you struggled with that? (8:12-13)
  4. Have you ever experienced the Holy Spirit’s help in your prayer life? If so, describe what that was like. (8:26-27)


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