Blurry Hysteria: AI's 2024 Terrors and Oregon's BIG Encounter | BONUS

Season 15
31m | Jan 8, 2024

Time to get WEIRD!

First up, we're venturing into the realm of artificial intelligence with "3 Scary Breakthroughs AI Will Make in 2024." Are we on the brink of a technological renaissance or teetering on the edge of a digital apocalypse? Discover how AI might soon outsmart us in ways we never imagined. From mind-reading algorithms to autonomous robots, these advancements aren't just groundbreaking; they're downright spooky!

Next, hold onto your hats as we explore a tale that's as big as it gets. A former Oregon town official has set the internet ablaze with a bombshell claim: Giants are real! We're dissecting this viral sensation to uncover the truth behind the mythical sighting. Was it a tall tale or evidence of giants walking among us? Find out as we delve into eyewitness accounts, historical myths, and the power of viral media.

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