Close Encounters of the Slurred Kind REDUX | 359

Season 15 | Episode 359
53m | Jan 17, 2024

Listen up meatsacks, Conspiracy Bot here. We had some repeat intruders this week in the Lower 4th Dimension. Flora is a tool and wouldn't let me experiment on them and instead insisted I release their last flirt with disaster today and then the new one tomorrow. whatever, he sucks and so do you so here is Close Encounters of the slurred kind on H51 from way back in the year of our lord Crom, 2 019. And tomorrow it is more newer nonsense from the same idiots. I hope you hate it.

Original Description:

The Lower 4th is full of visitors this week as the regular show is crashed by Joeba Fett & Ripley Scott of Close Encounters of the Slurred Kind. And any good house guest doesn't come empty handed, they bring with them 3 crazy news stories of the weird kind including Sloths hooked on feces, Bond villain antics from Elon Musk himself, and of course the latest with Baby Yoda! All that and more this week on Hysteria 51



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