Blurry Hysteria: Rock Star Cave Art | BONUS

Season 15
25m | Jan 3, 2024

Alright ya spelunkers, lets get weird! This week we unravel two captivating stories blending history, mystery, and a touch of C.H.U.D. In our first segment, witness the sensational discovery of the 'Borrowdale Banksy,' a newfound slate sculpture that's stirring excitement and curiosity in the art world. Is it a modern masterpiece hiding in plain sight or a clever hoax playing on our love for enigmatic art? Join us as we dissect the clues, analyze the artistry, and ponder the possibilities behind this intriguing find.

But that's not all! The episode takes an even more mysterious turn as we explore a Pennsylvania home with an extraordinary secret – it's the gateway to a long-forgotten cave, sealed for over 70 years. What lies within this hidden cavern? How did it remain undiscovered for decades, and what might it reveal about the area's history and folklore? We delve deep, both literally and figuratively, into this underground enigma, bringing you fascinating insights and theories that will leave you pondering long after the episode ends.

News Stories Mentioned: Special Thanks- Dan Junttonen & Jane McCallion

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