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Wood Chip Collection - 木片集-周作人-Narrator-Li Rongbao

Wood Chip Collection, written by Zhou Zuoren, the most beautiful prose in Mandarin. 《木片集》,作者周作人,中国最美的短文。木片,意为木屑,无用,废物之意。没什么用,没有大道理,这是对生活的零星感悟。无法拯救地球或全人类。平易,闲适。序+正文48篇,48000字,233分钟.



48 Cyprus and Greek Myth 塞浦路斯与希腊神话-木片集-周作人-Narrator-Li Rongbao
Show Details5min 18s
47 Former Location of Orchid Pavilion 兰亭旧址-木片集-周作人-Narrator-Li Rongbao
Show Details4min 23s
46 Comment on Painting 题画-木片集-周作人-Narrator-Li Rongbao
Show Details4min 9s
45 Two Calligraphers 两个书法家-木片集-周作人-Narrator-Li Rongbao
Show Details3min 43s
44 No Ghost Theory 无鬼论-木片集-周作人-Narrator-Li Rongbao
Show Details3min 58s
43 Kua Fu Chased the Sun 夸父追日与陶渊明- 木片集-周作人-Narrator-Li Rongbao
Show Details5min 41s
42 Rename to Avoid Repeating Others 避讳改姓- 木片集-周作人-Narrator-Li Rongbao
Show Details4min 1s
41 Talk about Animals 孙仲容谈动物- 木片集-周作人-Narrator-Li Rongbao
Show Details4min 1s
40 Wolf Story 狼的故事-木片集-周作人-Narrator-Li Rongbao
Show Details2min 59s
39 Big Bug or Tiger 大虫及其他 -木片集-周作人-Narrator-Li Rongbao
Show Details4min 26s
38 Hippo 河马- 木片集-周作人-Narrator-Li Rongbao
Show Details4min 7s
37 Rhino Shield and Rhino Horn Cup -犀牛-甲胄-犀牛角杯- 木片集-周作人- Narrator- Li Rongbao
Show Details3min 57s
36 Gorilla Story 猩猩的故事-木片集-周作人-Narrator-Li Rongbao
Show Details4min 38s
35 Human Bear and Round-eyed Giant 人熊和圆目巨人-木片集-周作人-Narrator- Li Rongbao
Show Details4min 15s
34 Yangzi Croc 扬子鳄-木片集-周作人-Narrator- Li Rongbao
Show Details5min 14s
33 Snake 蛇-木片集-周作人-Narrator-Li Rongbao
Show Details4min 43s
32 Crows Feed Back Mum and Parrots Learn to Speak
Show Details4min 3s
31 Legends of Kylin Phoenix Turtle and Dragon 麟凤龟龙的传说-木片集-周作人-Narrator-Li Rongbao
Show Details5min 20s
30 Bat and Owl 蝙蝠与猫头鹰 -木片集-周作人-Narrator-Li Rongbao
Show Details6min 22s
29 Peach 桃子 -木片集-周作人-Narrator- Li Rongbao
Show Details2min 24s
28 Snack from South and North 南北的点心 -木片集-周作人-Narrator-Li Rongbao
Show Details15min 8s
27 Tea Smoothie 茶汤- 木片集-周作人-Narrator- Li Rongbao
Show Details3min 50s
26 Sticky Rice Liquor and Snack 糯米酒-食 -木片集-周作人-Narrator- Li Rongbao
Show Details3min 49s
25 No-Down Old 不倒翁酒胡子-木片集-周作人-Narrator-Li Rongbao
Show Details5min 1s
24 Mud Children Toys 泥孩子玩具-木片集-周作人-Narrator-Li Rongbao
Show Details5min 11s
23 Feet-Paddled Boat 踏桨船-木片集-周作人-Narrator-Li Rongbao
Show Details4min 13s
22 Shower Bean and Soap Origin 澡豆和香皂的起源-木片集-周作人-Narrator-Li Rongbao
Show Details3min 59s
21 Teeth Brush Origin 杨枝与牙刷的起源-木片集-周作人-Narrator-Li Rongbao
Show Details4min 17s
20 Brush Pen and Chopsticks 毛笔与筷子-木片集-周作人-Narrator-Li Rongbao
Show Details3min 18s
19 Fan Deer Tail and nobleness 拂子与塵尾-木片集-周作人-Narrator-Li Rongbao
Show Details3min 22s
18 Village Market and Beiping Temple Market 广西的墟集与北平的庙会-木片集-周作人-Narrator-Li Rongbao
Show Details3min 17s
17 Winter Day Nine Nine Song 冬至九九歌-木片集-周作人-Narrator-Li Rongbao
Show Details3min 25s
16 Agriculture Calendar n Fishing Calendar 农历与渔历-木片集-周作人-Narrator-Li Rongbao
Show Details4min 33s
15 Zhong Kui escorted sister -Ghost Story 钟馗送妹-木片集-周作人-Narrator-Li Rongbao
Show Details3min 20s
14 Value of Comedy 喜剧的价值-木片集-周作人-Narrator-Li Rongbao
Show Details3min 12s
13 About Mulian Opera 关于目连戏-木片集-周作人-Narrator-Li Rongbao
Show Details8min 23s
12 Wear Ring - Greek Myth 希腊神话-戴指环和花圈 -木片集-周作人 -Narrator-Li Rongbao
Show Details4min 9s
11 Du Fu and Children 杜少陵与儿女-木片集-周作人-Narrator-Li Rongbao
Show Details4min 47s
10 understand Tang poems easy 唐诗易解-木片集-周作人
Show Details4min 3s
9 300 pc Tang Poems 唐诗三百首-木片集-周作人
Show Details4min 26s
8 Read ancient poems and learn 读古诗学文言-木片集-周作人
Show Details6min 26s
7 Poet Huang Gongdu 诗人黄公度-木片集-周作人
Show Details5min 10s
6 Mr Ai Luo Xian Ke 爱罗先珂-木片集-周作人
Show Details4min 23s
5 Mr Liu Bannong 刘半农-木片集-周作人
Show Details4min 24s
4 Mr Qian Xuantong 钱玄同-木片集-周作人
Show Details6min 43s
3 Mr Cai Jiemin 蔡孑民-木片集-周作人
Show Details7min 31s
2 Language Thread Magazine -语丝的回忆-木片集-周作人
Show Details7min 25s
1 Restoration Hideout 复辟避难的回忆-木片集-周作人
Show Details6min 54s
0 intro-Wood Chip Collection 小引-木片集-周作人
Show Details1min 44s