#092 Dr. Ian C. Edwards "AO Spare, Being & Non-Being & A Druid in Psychologist's Clothing, E. Graham Howe"

2h 17m | Dec 20, 2023

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Ian C. Edwards, PhD is a licensed psychologist and author for Atramentous Press and Anathema Publishing.  He is the author of Being and Non-Being in Occult Experience Volume I: Liber AL vel Legis (2021); The Divine Hearth and Radical Hospitality in PILLARS: A Wayfarer’s Hearth (Volume 2, Issue 3); Being and Non-Being in Occult Experience Volume II: The Chiasmata of Austin Osman Spare – Toward a Participatory Epistemology of the Flesh (2022); Being and Non-Being in Occult Experience Volume III: Kenneth Grant and the Vulture’s Cry (2023)Torn Letters of Otherness Volume I: Absence and Alogos (with Peter Hamilton-Giles) (2023); A Druid in Psychologist’s Clothing: E. Graham Howe’s Secret Druidic Doctrine (2023).

Visit and to learn more about and purchase Dr. Edwards’s books.  You can also check out his Instagram @ianedwardsphd

Thank you, Ian, for such a wonderful chat, and we will surely do this again in the future.

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