#094 Dr Terry Burns "John Dee's Monas Hieroglyphica, Rosicrucian Tradition & the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn"

2h 16m | Jan 31, 2024

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Dr. Teresa Burns is an U.S. English professor and writer who studies Renaissance Hermeticism, especially the connection between the magical systems of John Dee, Edward Kelley, and Giordano Bruno to the literature and architecture of the time. Co-author, student and friend of Vincent Bridges, Terry has written many popular articles for the Journal of the Western Mystery Tradition; she and Nancy Turner also translated the first English edition of Tuba Veneris, attributed to John Dee.

You can get Burns & Turner's translation of Monas Hieroglyphica by John Dee from Oroborous Press, or for International customers from Miskatonic Books and other resellers.

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