• Get to know CHILLBILL & K.O.R

    Welcome to Episode 2!

    We are joined by a dynamic duo, CHILLBILL & K.O.R. In this episode, we learn more about their musical journey and their debut album “RETROSPECT.”

    Instagram handles

    CHILLBILL —> @omgitzchillbill

    K.O.R —> @king_of_royality

    S1E2 - 26m - Jun 5, 2022
  • Get to know Kyron West

    Kyron West is a talented Vincentian singer and songwriter.

    After dropping his first EP, he was selected as a finalist in an international singing competition out of hundreds of applicants.

    To find out about him, check out the episode.

    Kyron West IG: @kyronwxst

    S2E1 - 26m - May 22, 2022
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