The SportsEthos Philadelphia 76ers Podcast

A show hosted by Adam Sherman, this is the official SportsEthos Philadelphia 76ers podcast.

The Sixers are championship contenders, and there's no better place to track the wins, the losses, the drama, the trades, and, hopefully, the celebrations at the end than right here with us!

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Climbing the Standings
Show Details19min 21s
Red Hot Sixers
Show Details22min 40s
Sixers Rollercoaster Season Continues
Show Details21min 47s
EMVPiid is Back!
Show Details21min 42s
A Zombie Road Trip
Show Details18min 8s
COVID, Simmons, State of the Sixers in November
Show Details22min 17s
Missing Bodies, Sixers Finding Ways to Win
Show Details20min 30s
A True Show Debut and Sixers Team Reset
Show Details19min 29s
Sixers Open the Year, 1-1
Show Details25min 10s
Ben Simmons is NOT Out!? Let's Look at the Roster
Show Details17min 31s
Ben Simmons is Out! Sixers Hire New Play by Play Voice
Show Details23min 20s
Sixers Offseason Recap Show
Show Details16min 38s