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Crestview Baptist Prattville

Sunday morning sermons preached by Bro. Michael Licina at Crestview Baptist Church in Prattville, AL


We Are Humble
Show Details30min 52s
We Are Joyful
Show Details31min 16s
We Are Stewards
Show Details27min 54s
We Are Reconciled
Show Details31min 40s
We Are Raised with Christ
Show Details28min 29s
We Are Righteous Sufferers
Show Details38min 7s
We Are Upright
Show Details32min 13s
Show Details22min 34s
We Are Submitted Together
Show Details39min 33s
We Are Suffering Servants
Show Details30min 45s
We Are Under Authority
Show Details31min 42s
We Are Different
Show Details34min 6s
We Are Called
Show Details32min 12s
We Are Beneficiaries
Show Details33min 36s
We Are Tested and Proven
Show Details30min 50s
We Are Born Again
Show Details35min 2s
Who Are We?
Show Details40min 14s
The Word Became Flesh
Show Details36min 54s
The Pattern of the Messiah
Show Details34min 15s
Exile and Return
Show Details38min 19s
A Priest Forever
Show Details41min 28s
The Divided Kingdom - Judah
Show Details34min 43s
Be Not Silent
Show Details25min 3s
The Divided Kingdom - Israel
Show Details42min 11s
You Will Remain
Show Details30min 29s
The United Kingdom of Israel
Show Details29min 15s
Of Old You Spoke
Show Details34min 42s
From the Exodus through the Judges
Show Details33min 51s
Consumed by Zeal
Show Details38min 7s
The Discipline of Rest
Show Details29min 32s
You Ascended on High
Show Details30min 7s
The Discipline of Submission
Show Details24min 55s
Your Throne, O God, Is Forever
Show Details32min 20s
The Discipline of Service
Show Details25min 44s
The Discipline of Worship
Show Details21min 20s
It Is Written of Me
Show Details24min 30s
The Discipline of Evangelism
Show Details34min 3s
Homecoming 2021
Show Details42min 24s
The Discipline of Confession
Show Details25min 36s
You Will Not Abandon
Show Details34min 21s
The Discipline of Journaling
Show Details21min 39s
I Have Set My King
Show Details30min 45s
Living with Faith
Show Details33min 56s
Living with Patience
Show Details32min 33s
The Discipline of Simplicity
Show Details27min 2s
Living with Wealth
Show Details32min 13s
The Disciplines of Silence and Solitude
Show Details27min 26s
Living without Boasting
Show Details30min 45s
The Discipline of Fasting
Show Details29min 14s
Living with Your Brother
Show Details27min 28s
Living with Passions
Show Details27min 39s
The Discipline of Prayer
Show Details31min 49s
The Discipline of Meditation
Show Details30min 36s
The Discipline of Bible Intake
Show Details33min 52s
Living with the Tongue
Show Details29min 21s
The Purpose of the Disciplines
Show Details27min 14s
Living with Works
Show Details33min 59s
The Family
Show Details45min 9s
Living without Partiality
Show Details36min 31s
Living Your Faith
Show Details27min 26s
How Quickly They Forget
Show Details31min 23s
Religious Liberty
Show Details39min 40s
Show Details32min 38s
Peace and War
Show Details30min 44s
Moving In
Show Details29min 9s
The Ingredients of Revival
Show Details24min 48s
The Christian and the Social Order
Show Details41min 57s
Finishing the Task
Show Details34min 23s
Righting the Wrongs
Show Details37min 55s
Show Details32min 56s
The Work Begins
Show Details36min 26s
Evangelism and Missions
Show Details25min 55s
Assessing the Damage
Show Details40min 42s
The Last Things
Show Details36min 5s
Feeling the Burden
Show Details36min 5s
Why Does Easter Matter?
Show Details23min 33s
The Kingdom
Show Details32min 50s
The Lord's Day
Show Details17min 10s
The Struggle for the Mind
Show Details34min 10s
Baptism and the Lord's Supper
Show Details33min 27s
The Struggle for Application
Show Details32min 29s
The Church
Show Details48min 5s
The Struggle for Consistency
Show Details28min 6s
God's Purpose of Grace
Show Details38min 42s
The Struggle to Endure
Show Details32min 24s
Article IV: Salvation
Show Details32min 27s
The Struggle to Lose
Show Details31min 51s
BF&M Article II: God the Holy Spirit
Show Details35min 18s
BF&M Article II: God the Son
Show Details30min 26s
The Struggle for One Another
Show Details31min 57s
The Struggle for Life
Show Details22min 29s
BF&M Article I: The Scriptures
Show Details34min 1s
The Struggle for the Gospel
Show Details23min 12s
All Must Be Fulfilled
Show Details33min 32s
Struggling Together
Show Details26min 14s
The Gifts of the Wise Men
Show Details26min 47s
On the Road to Emmaus
Show Details27min 12s
The Gift of the Child
Show Details24min 44s
The Coming of the Son of Man
Show Details28min 37s
The Gift of Grace
Show Details24min 5s
The Temple's Doom
Show Details26min 23s
The Widow's Offering
Show Details25min 25s
The Gift of Life
Show Details33min 6s
Beware the Scribes
Show Details20min 50s
The Case of the Seven Husbands
Show Details24min 25s
Whose Son Is Christ?
Show Details23min 29s
Should I Pay Taxes?
Show Details29min 8s
Who Gave You Authority?
Show Details21min 43s
Cleansing the Temple
Show Details26min 41s
The Triumphal Entry
Show Details27min 6s
How Can I Have More Faith?
Show Details21min 32s
Zacchaeus Was a Wee Little Man
Show Details28min 6s
How Should We Pray?
Show Details30min 14s
Like a Child
Show Details27min 26s
Don't You Care?!?
Show Details24min 20s
Let Your Light Shine
Show Details45min 46s
What Now?
Show Details34min 44s
Making Disciples
Show Details32min 16s
Our Core Characteristics
Show Details39min 2s
Belonging Together
Show Details35min 9s
Adopted by Faith
Show Details33min 51s
Why This Vision?
Show Details38min 11s
We Are God's Family
Show Details29min 53s
The Fig Tree
Show Details24min 19s
I Am Coming Soon!
Show Details32min 4s
The Wicked Tenants
Show Details21min 58s
All Things New, Part 2
Show Details30min 10s
All Things New, Part 1
Show Details29min 55s
Judgment Day
Show Details28min 57s
The Persistent Widow
Show Details25min 24s
The Millennium
Show Details29min 54s
Riding on a White Horse
Show Details29min 37s
Two Masters
Show Details29min 15s
Show Details26min 10s
The Lost Things, Found
Show Details28min 28s
Babylon Has Fallen
Show Details29min 17s
Tasteless Salt?
Show Details34min 16s
Beauty and the Beast
Show Details29min 57s
The Great Banquet
Show Details27min 23s
The Tales of Three Feasts
Show Details33min 22s
The Seven Bowls
Show Details33min 47s
The Narrow Door
Show Details31min 5s
Show Details26min 6s
Little Things with Big Results
Show Details28min 20s
Angels Calling
Show Details35min 45s
Show Details28min 16s
Ready or Not...
Show Details26min 4s
Those Standing with the Lamb
Show Details26min 36s
The Rich Fool
Show Details25min 53s
This Little Light of Mine
Show Details26min 45s
The Two Beasts, Part 2
Show Details31min 44s
The Two Beasts, Part 1
Show Details30min 32s
The Parable of the Hidden Lamp
Show Details19min
The Woman and the Dragon
Show Details31min 18s
The Story of the Soils
Show Details23min 32s
Seeking, But Not Finding
Show Details17min 1s
The Rapture
Show Details32min 2s
The Kingdom's Wisdom
Show Details19min 12s
The Seventh Trumpet
Show Details22min 2s
The Kingdom's Righteousness
Show Details22min 47s
The Two Witnesses
Show Details31min 33s
The Kingdom's Judgment
Show Details21min 2s
The Big Angel and the Little Scroll
Show Details29min 57s
The Kingdom's Love
Show Details26min 34s
The Sixth Trumpet
Show Details23min 37s
Blessings and Woes
Show Details28min 58s
The Fifth Trumpet
Show Details25min 13s
The Lord of Forgiveness
Show Details30min 1s
The Lord of Faith
Show Details22min 33s
The Trumpets Begin
Show Details22min 41s
The Lord of the Sabbath
Show Details29min 57s
The Seventh Seal
Show Details27min 49s
The Lord of the Fast
Show Details27min 34s
The Sealed and the Redeemed
Show Details32min 22s
Follow Me
Show Details28min 2s
The First Six Seals
Show Details31min 9s
The Lamb, the Scroll, and the Seals
Show Details33min 49s
Tempted in the Desert
Show Details34min 6s
The Throne
Show Details27min 27s
Beloved in the River
Show Details27min 22s
Things to Come: Introduction
Show Details35min 27s
The Twelve Year Old in the Temple
Show Details31min 26s
The Blessing of the Baby, Part 2
Show Details26min 17s
The Blessing of the Baby, Part 1
Show Details25min 32s
Special Study: The Holy Spirit Q&A
Show Details39min 39s
For Unto Us a Child Is Born
Show Details23min 22s
The Prophecy of the Priestly Parent
Show Details20min 40s
Special Study: The Holy Spirit in the Epistles
Show Details30min 1s
The Birth of the Baptist
Show Details26min
Special Study: The Holy Spirit in the Gospels and Acts
Show Details39min 28s
The Praise of the Pregnant
Show Details39min 12s
Special Study: The Holy Spirit in the OT
Show Details40min 55s
Mary and the Messianic Messenger
Show Details33min 7s
The Angelic Announcement
Show Details31min 10s
Dear Laodicea
Show Details34min 55s
That You May Have Certainty
Show Details21min 53s
Dear Philadelphia
Show Details31min 29s
Everyday Wisdom for Getting Honor
Show Details22min 37s
Dear Sardis
Show Details36min 12s
Everyday Wisdom for Judging Fair
Show Details25min 44s
Dear Thyatira
Show Details37min 12s
Everyday Wisdom for Talking the Talk
Show Details26min 31s
Dear Pergamum
Show Details39min 19s
Everyday Wisdom for Working Hard
Show Details35min 13s
Dear Smyrna
Show Details33min 49s
Everyday Wisdom for Leading Others
Show Details35min 36s
A True Homecoming
Show Details1hr 7min
Dear Ephesus
Show Details38min 38s
Everyday Wisdom for Loving Family
Show Details30min 42s
I Saw the Son!
Show Details37min 26s
Everyday Wisdom for Living Right
Show Details37min 30s
Let Him Hear
Show Details32min 44s
Everyday Wisdom for Faithful Stewardship
Show Details39min 35s
Can These Bones Live?
Show Details37min 20s
Everyday Wisdom for Having Plenty
Show Details35min 38s
How Can I Get Wisdom?
Show Details45min 2s
God and the Temple
Show Details40min 56s
What Is Wisdom Good For?
Show Details37min 39s
I Will Restore
Show Details38min 26s
Who Are You Following?
Show Details36min 7s
God Uses the Unwilling
Show Details33min 11s
How Do We Love One Another?
Show Details43min 55s
The Two Twigs
Show Details36min 28s
The War Within
Show Details38min 43s
Two Sons
Show Details35min 59s
No Turning Back!
Show Details42min 22s
Free at Last!
Show Details44min 6s
How to Be Judged
Show Details41min 7s
Before and After
Show Details42min 25s
A Covenant of Peace
Show Details35min 24s
How to Receive God's Blessings
Show Details46min 38s
Who Am I Pleasing?
Show Details42min 3s
The Nature of the Gospel
Show Details43min 30s
By the Authority Vested in Me
Show Details41min 33s
How to Be Cursed
Show Details36min 28s
Called, "Free!"
Show Details46min 11s
What Difference Does the Resurrection Make?
Show Details40min 16s
Our Passover Lamb
Show Details38min 10s
The Toil of Prayer
Show Details34min 26s
The Anointed One
Show Details46min 52s
What's to Come
Show Details46min 20s
The Son, the Scribes, and the Stones
Show Details43min 50s