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Pat Novak, for Hire

Pat Novak, for Hire is an old-time radio detective drama series which aired from 1946–1947 as a West Coast regional program and in 1949 as a nationwide program for ABC. The regional version originally starred Jack Webb in the title role, with scripts by his roommate Richard L. Breen. When Webb and Breen moved from San Francisco to Los Angeles to work on an extremely similar nationwide series, Johnny Madero, Pier 23, for the Mutual network, Webb was replaced by Ben Morris and Breen by other writers. In the later 1949 network version, Jack Webb resumed the Novak role, and Breen his duties as scriptwriter. The series is popular among fans for its fast-paced, hard-boiled dialogue and action and witty one-liners.


Pat Novak For Hire- Killing In A Church
Show Details31min 42s
Pat Novak for Hire 49-06-25 (20) Little Jake Siegel
Show Details28min 25s
Pat Novak for Hire 49-06-18 (19) The Only Way to Make Friends Is to Die
Show Details29min 47s
Pat Novak for Hire 49-06-11 (18) Georgie Lampson
Show Details30min 5s
Pat Novak for Hire 49-06-04 (17) Agnes Bolton
Show Details29min 24s
Pat Novak for Hire 49-05-21 (15) Give Envelope to John St John
Show Details30min 47s
Pat Novak for Hire 49-05-14 (14) Geranium Plant
Show Details29min 36s
Pat Novak for Hire 49-05-07 (13) Shirt Mix-Up at the Laundry
Show Details27min 31s
Pat Novak for Hire 49-04-30 (12) Wendy Morris
Show Details29min 16s
Pat Novak for Hire 49-04-23 (11) Rita Malloy
Show Details30min 41s
Pat Novak for Hire 49-04-16 (10) Go Away Dixie Gillian
Show Details30min 8s
Pat Novak for Hire 49-04-09 (09) Sam Tolliver
Show Details30min 18s
Pat Novak for Hire 49-04-02 (08) Father Leahy - Joe Feldman
Show Details30min
Pat Novak for Hire 49-03-27 (07) Joe Candono - Blackmail Pictures
Show Details31min 52s
Pat Novak for Hire 49-03-20 (06) Rory Malone
Show Details29min 10s
Pat Novak for Hire 49-03-13 (05) Rubin Callaway's Pictures
Show Details29min 51s
Pat Novak for Hire 49-03-06 (04) Fleet Lady
Show Details32min 18s
Pat Novak for Hire 49-02-27 (03) Don't Tell Hilda (aka-Marcia Halpern)
Show Details28min 36s
Pat Novak For Hire 49-02-20 (02) Jack Of Clubs (more complete open)
Show Details29min 31s
Pat Novak For Hire 49-02-20 (02) Jack Of Clubs (better encode)
Show Details29min 30s
Pat Novak for Hire 47-11-30 (67) Death in Herald Square
Show Details30min 37s
Pat Novak for Hire 47-11-23 (66) Lydia Reynolds Case
Show Details29min 54s
Pat Novak for Hire 47-08-10 (52) Mysterious Set of Books
Show Details29min
Pat Novak for Hire 47-08-03 (51) Johnny Brown Gambling Ring
Show Details29min 32s
Pat Novak for Hire 46-11-24 (15) Dixie Gillian
Show Details30min 13s
Pat Novak for Hire 46-10-13 (09) John St. John
Show Details29min 4s