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Purposed 4 Forever

A couple that through trial and error, has discovered how to love better... Every Monday @ 8pm is a New Episode, we Talk with other couples about the ups and downs of #marriage #relationships #couplespostxo #blacklove


S1 Ep.21 Marriage, life & kids in 2022
Show Details1hr 2min
S1 Ep.20 Will Your Marriage Foundation, Look The Same In 50yrs
Show Details31min 39s
S1 Ep.19 Do We Really Know One Another...
Show Details58min 44s
S1 Ep.18 Purposed 4 Forever | Are We Taking Our Spouse For Granted?
Show Details57min 21s
S1 Ep. 17 Being Married With Different Purposes
Show Details43min 41s
S1 Ep. 16 Purposed 4 Forever: Marriage & Conversations
Show Details1hr 13min
S1 Ep.15 Let’s Talk about Death & Family
Show Details45min 38s
S.1 Ep.14 How Your Up Bringing Effects Your Relationship
Show Details50min 1s
S.1 Ep. 13 Who's To Blame Men Or Women?
Show Details56min 7s
S. 1 Ep. 12 The Wives Are Sharing…
Show Details51min 53s
S.1 Ep.11 Why Do Relationships Struggle?
Show Details1hr 1min
S.1 Ep.10 Do You (really) Appreciate Your Spouse?
Show Details41min 26s
S.1 Ep.9 How Do You Support Your Spouse When They Are Struggling?
Show Details56min 40s
S.1 Ep.8 Keeping The Spark In Your Marriage!!
Show Details56min 11s
S.1 Ep.7 Let's Talk About: The Beginning!!
Show Details37min 29s
S.1 Ep.6 Going Too Far & Staying Too Long
Show Details42min 59s
S.1 Ep.5 Hitting A Hard Reset In Your Relationship.
Show Details40min 16s
S.1 Ep.4 Honey It’s Not Them It’s You!!
Show Details46min 11s
S.1 Ep.3 Can We Get Right After A Backwards Start In Marriage??
Show Details51min 45s
S.1 Ep.2 What Does Being Emotionally Available Look Like?
Show Details37min 53s
S.1 Ep.1 Do We Listen Or Just Hear What Our Spouse is saying??
Show Details21min 12s