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Guide Post To the Crossroads

For the Purposeful person looking for tips to improve your relationships within family, friends, work or life in general. My mission is to help you remember the powerful person you are.

I am here to help others remember. This can be fulfilled in any number of ways from literally helping remember who they are and their purpose. I help others to recover their memory after trauma, lost items, remember to care, remember to give and to remember each other. We are each other’s guidepost to the crossroads. It is all about helping each other. 




Fear of Failure: 3 Ingredients to Achievemnt
Show Details59min 21s
Fear of Failure: Be an Action Taker
Show Details55min 35s
Fear of Failure: Be Imperfect
Show Details33min 41s
Fear of Failure: Get out Your Head
Show Details33min 25s
Fear of Failure: Changing Your Perspective
Show Details52min 57s
Fear of Failure: Understanding Fear
Show Details32min 54s
Intro to the series Fear of Faliure
Show Details28min 5s
Tea TimeTrue Crime with Catie
Show Details54min 29s
Show Details34min
WHO ARE THEY? with Eric Taylor
Show Details1hr 28min
A Leap of Faith
Show Details36min 50s
DYNAMIC TRUTH with Eric Taylor
Show Details1hr 35min
The EGO's Mask: What are you?
Show Details41min 19s
Be Your Authentic Self
Show Details28min 58s
Who Are You?
Show Details40min 18s
Don't Should on Yourself!
Show Details34min 34s
My Thoughts on Polarization
Show Details26min 3s
"Controlling" thoughts and Conceptual Reality
Show Details45min 44s
Behike Jeannie Karaya
Show Details59min 51s
Love and Soul with Rose Aliaga
Show Details55min 7s
Show Details55min 17s
Thoughts are Things
Show Details43min 54s
Elizabeth Tripp: Love Your Body Love Your Life
Show Details1hr
CUE: Eleven Eleven Intention Candles
Show Details52min 44s
Elari Onawa Life on Purpose
Show Details1hr 1min
Success or Happiness
Show Details30min 44s
My Journey
Show Details43min 45s