Old Time Radio Sci-Fi, Horror Etc...

Go back to a time of where the only limits of how far or where or how high you go here or anywhere was and still is within the limits of your mind. Journey back with me to shows like Journey into Space with Jet Morgan and his crew who explore Mars or Vincent Price and Peter Cushing even in Aliens of the mind spanning from way back clear up till the 1970's come on with me and let's go on a trip on Old Time Radio Sci-Fi, Horror and Beyond



Dimension-X 50-05-27 (008) To The Future
Show Details30min
Dimension-X 50-06-03 (009) Embassy
Show Details29min 57s
Dimension-X 50-06-10 (010) The Green Hills Of Earth
Show Details25min 54s
Dimension-X 50-06-17 (011) There Will Come Soft Rain-Zero Hour
Show Details29min 57s
Dimension-X 50-06-24 (012) Destination Moon
Show Details28min 24s
Dimension-X 50-07-01 (013) A Logic Named Joe
Show Details29min 23s
Dimension-X 50-07-07 (014 )Mars Is Heaven
Show Details29min 18s
Dimension-X 50-07-14 (015) The Man In The Moon
Show Details30min 13s
Dimension-X 50-07-21 (016) Beyond Infinity
Show Details29min 28s
Dimension-X 50-07-28 (017) Potters Of Firsk
Show Details27min 49s
Dimension-X 50-08-04 (018) Perigi's Wonderful Dolls
Show Details29min 9s
Dimension-X 50-08-11 (019) The Castaways
Show Details30min 9s
Dimension-X 50-08-18 (020) The Martian Chronicles
Show Details30min 19s
Dimension-X 50-08-25 (021) The Parade
Show Details30min 20s
Dimension-X 50-09-01 (022) The Roads Must Roll
Show Details29min 42s
Dimension-X 50-09-08 (023) The Outer Limit
Show Details27min 58s
Dimension-X 50-09-15 (024) Hello Tomorrow
Show Details29min 1s
Dimension-X 50-09-22 (025) Dr Grimshaw's Sanitorium
Show Details30min 23s
Dimension-X 50-09-29 (026) And The Moon Be Still As Bright
Show Details29min 40s
Dimension-X 50-10-28 (027) No Contact
Show Details29min 47s
Dimension-X 50-11-05 (028) The Professor Was A Thief
Show Details30min 21s
Dimension-X 50-11-12 (029) Shanghied
Show Details30min 24s
Dimension-X 50-11-19 (030) Competition
Show Details29min 18s
Dimension-X 50-11-26 (031) Universe
Show Details30min 14s
Dimension-X 50-12-24 (032) The Green Hills Of Earth
Show Details29min 33s
Dimension-X 51-06-03 (035) The Last Objective
Show Details24min 2s
Dimension-X 51-06-10 (036) Nightmare
Show Details24min 54s
Dimension-X 51-06-17 (037) Pebble In The Sky
Show Details24min 54s
Dimension-X 51-06-24 (038) Childs Play
Show Details24min 44s
Dimension-X 51-07-12 (039) Time And Time Again
Show Details29min 37s
Dimension-X 51-07-19 (040) Dwellers In Silence
Show Details29min 39s
Dimension-X 51-07-26 (041) Courtesy
Show Details29min 23s
Dimension-X 51-08-02 (042) Universe
Show Details29min 44s
Dimension-X 51-08-09 (043) Veldt
Show Details30min 12s
Dimension-X 51-08-16 (044) Vital Factor
Show Details29min 52s
Dimension-X 51-08-23 (045) Untitled Story
Show Details30min 5s
Dimension-X 51-08-30 (046) Marrionettes, Inc
Show Details28min 3s
Dimension-X 51-09-08 (047) First Contact
Show Details22min 33s
Dimension-X 51-09-15 (048) The Kaleidoscope
Show Details29min 32s
Dimension-X 51-09-22 (049) Requiem
Show Details31min 7s
Dimension-X 51-09-29 (050) Nightfall
Show Details30min 27s
New Series
Show Details1min 16s
2000 Plus A Veteran Comes Home
Show Details28min 18s
2000 Plus Brooklyn Brain
Show Details28min 57s
2000 Plus The Flying Saucers
Show Details29min 25s
2000 Plus The Other Man
Show Details30min 38s
2000 Plus Space Wreck
Show Details29min 8s
2000 Plus
Show Details16s
2000 Plus - The Robot Killer
Show Details27min 3s
2000 Plus 500227 028 The Green Thing
Show Details30min 24s
2000 Plus 500329 The Men From Mars
Show Details29min 33s
2000 Plus 500426 When The Machines Went Mad
Show Details21min 47s
2000 Plus 500503 When the Worlds Met
Show Details29min 23s
2000 Plus 500511 The Giant Walks
Show Details27min 41s
2000 Plus 500517 The Insect
Show Details29min 28s
2000 Plus 500927 The Green Thing
Show Details30min 23s
2000 Plus 501112 Worlds Apart
Show Details28min 9s
2000 Plus 511010 The Rocket and the Skull
Show Details27min 37s
2000 Plus 530810 The Man From The Second Earth
Show Details22min 42s
A Journey to the Center of the Earth 01 1963-06-12 - 01) The Great Discoverery
Show Details25min 11s
A Journey to the Center of the Earth 02 1963-06-19 - 02) The Shadow of Scapari
Show Details26min 58s
A Journey to the Center of the Earth 03 1963-06-26 - 03) Lost
Show Details26min 47s
A Journey to the Center of the Earth 04 1963-07-02 - 04) The Central Sea
Show Details27min 52s
A Journey to the Center of the Earth 05 1963-07-09 - 05) Battle of the Monsters
Show Details25min 56s
A Journey to the Center of the Earth 06 1963-07-16 - 06) The Hurricane
Show Details26min 33s
A Journey to the Center of the Earth 07 1963-07-23 - 07) The Mysterious Dagger
Show Details26min 37s
A Journey to the Center of the Earth 08 1963-07-30 - 08) The Journey is Ended
Show Details27min 9s
1_The End Begins
Show Details27min 1s
2_A Light in the Night
Show Details27min
3_Conference and Confusion
Show Details27min 3s
4_Dead End
Show Details27min 5s
5_World Narrowing
Show Details27min 1s
6_Strategic Withdrawal
Show Details27min 3s
Orson Welles War Of The Worlds 38-10-30
Show Details59min 19s
Journey Into Space 81-06-18 The Return To Mars
Show Details1hr 28min
01 Journey Into Space 1955-09-26 The World In Peril ep01of20
Show Details29min 33s
02 Journey Into Space 1955-10-03 The World In Peril ep02of20
Show Details28min 50s
03 Journey Into Space 1955-10-10 The World In Peril ep03of20
Show Details28min 50s
04 Journey Into Space 1955-10-17 The World In Peril ep04of20
Show Details28min 29s
05 Journey Into Space 1955-10-24 The World In Peril ep05of20
Show Details28min 4s
06 Journey Into Space 1955-10-31 The World In Peril ep06of20
Show Details27min 45s
07 Journey Into Space 1955-11-07 The World In Peril ep07of20
Show Details28min 43s
08 Journey Into Space 1955-11-14 The World In Peril ep08of20
Show Details29min 29s
09 Journey Into Space 1955-11-21 The World In Peril ep09of20
Show Details29min 34s
10 Journey Into Space 1955-11-28 The World In Peril ep10of20
Show Details29min 46s
11 Journey Into Space 1955-12-05 The World In Peril ep11of20
Show Details30min 6s
12 Journey Into Space 1955-12-12 The World In Peril ep12of20
Show Details30min 19s
13 Journey Into Space 1955-12-19 The World In Peril ep13of20
Show Details30min 14s
14 Journey Into Space 1955-12-26 The World In Peril ep14of20
Show Details30min 27s
15 Journey Into Space 1956-01-02 The World In Peril ep15of20
Show Details30min 33s
16 Journey Into Space 1956-01-09 The World In Peril ep16of20
Show Details30min 10s
17 Journey Into Space 1956-01-16 The World In Peril ep17of20
Show Details31min 38s
18 Journey Into Space 1956-01-23 The World In Peril ep18of20
Show Details30min 15s
19 Journey Into Space 1956-01-30 The World In Peril ep19of20
Show Details29min 51s
20 Journey Into Space 1956-02-06 The World In Peril ep20of20
Show Details29min 21s
01 Journey Into Space 1954-10-06 The Red Planet ep01of20
Show Details29min 27s
02 Journey Into Space 1954-10-13 The Red Planet ep02of20
Show Details29min 37s
03 Journey Into Space 1954-10-20 The Red Planet ep03of20
Show Details29min 19s
04 Journey Into Space 1954-10-27 The Red Planet ep04of20
Show Details29min 7s
05 Journey Into Space 1954-11-03 The Red Planet ep05of20
Show Details29min 7s
06 Journey Into Space 1954-11-10 The Red Planet ep06of20
Show Details29min 26s
07 Journey Into Space 1954-11-17 The Red Planet ep07of20
Show Details28min 19s
08 Journey Into Space 1954-11-24 The Red Planet ep08of20
Show Details28min 58s
09 Journey Into Space 1954-12-01 The Red Planet ep09of20
Show Details29min 16s
10 Journey Into Space 1954-12-08 The Red Planet ep10of20
Show Details28min 50s
11 Journey Into Space 1954-12-15 The Red Planet ep11of20
Show Details29min 5s
12 Journey Into Space 1954-12-22 The Red Planet ep12of20
Show Details29min 19s
13 Journey Into Space 1954-12-29 The Red Planet ep13of20
Show Details28min 8s
14 Journey Into Space 1955-01-05 The Red Planet ep14of20
Show Details29min 17s
15 Journey Into Space 1955-01-12 The Red Planet ep15of20
Show Details29min 11s
16 Journey Into Space 1955-01-19 The Red Planet ep16of20
Show Details28min 21s
17 Journey Into Space 1955-01-26 The Red Planet ep17of20
Show Details29min
18 Journey Into Space 1955-02-02 The Red Planet ep18of20
Show Details29min 18s
19 Journey Into Space 1955-02-09 The Red Planet ep19of20
Show Details29min 36s
20 Journey Into Space 1955-02-16 The Red Planet ep20of20
Show Details29min 43s
01 Journey Into Space 1953-09-21 Operation Luna ep01of18
Show Details24min 47s
02 Journey Into Space 1953-09-28 Operation Luna ep02of18
Show Details22min 52s
03 Journey Into Space 1953-10-05 Operation Luna ep03of18
Show Details21min 17s
04 Journey Into Space 1953-10-12 Operation Luna ep04of18
Show Details24min 46s
05 Journey Into Space 1953-10-19 Operation Luna ep05of18
Show Details24min 48s
06 Journey Into Space 1953-10-26 Operation Luna ep06of18
Show Details23min 26s
07 Journey Into Space 1953-11-02 Operation Luna ep07of18
Show Details23min 40s
08 Journey Into Space 1953-11-09 Operation Luna ep08of18
Show Details22min 1s
09 Journey Into Space 1953-11-16 Operation Luna ep09of18
Show Details27min 28s
10 Journey Into Space 1953-11-23 Operation Luna ep10of18
Show Details27min 50s
11 Journey Into Space 1953-11-30 Operation Luna ep11of18
Show Details43min 48s
12 Journey Into Space 1953-12-07 Operation Luna ep12of18
Show Details36min 55s
13 Journey Into Space 1953-12-14 Operation Luna ep13of18
Show Details26min 14s
Aliens in The Mind 01 Island Genesis
Show Details27min 33s
Aliens In The Mind 02 Hurried Exodus
Show Details27min 29s
Aliens In The Mind 03 Unexpected Visitations
Show Details27min 33s
Aliens In The Mind 04 Official Intersessions
Show Details27min 26s
Aliens In The Mind 05 Genetic Revelations
Show Details27min 31s
Aliens In The Mind 06 Final Tribulations
Show Details27min 22s