Fireside Phantoms

Best friends Holly and Carol delight with terrifying tales of the supernatural.


Paranormal & Paranoid News 24
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Haunted Plymouth & Del Coronado
Show Details37min 24s
Paranormal & Paranoid News 23
Show Details50min 30s
Shadow People
Show Details41min 38s
Paranormal & Paranoid News 22
Show Details35min 29s
Decapitation & A Victorian Vampire
Show Details50min 59s
Paranormal & Paranoid News 21
Show Details42min 30s
Stephen King & Ann Rule
Show Details1hr 13min
Paranormal & Paranoid News 20
Show Details34min 42s
Black River Falls & Bridgend
Show Details40min 9s
Paranormal & Paranoid News 19
Show Details35min 31s
White House Ghosts & Gettysburg
Show Details38min 10s
Paranormal & Paranoid News 18
Show Details33min 27s
Martha's Vineyard & New Orleans
Show Details1hr 4min
Paranormal & Paranoid News 17
Show Details35min 17s
The Werewolf of Southern England & Annabelle
Show Details48min 53s
Paranormal & Paranoid News 16
Show Details33min 55s
Riverdale Road & The Wild Wild West
Show Details48min 20s
Paranormal & Paranoid News 15
Show Details37min 44s
Loretto Staircase & Haunted Bridges
Show Details48min 1s
Paranoid & Paranormal News 14
Show Details34min 41s
Squares And Cubes
Show Details29min 11s
Paranoid & Paranormal News 13
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Show Details38min 31s
Paranormal & Paranoid News 12
Show Details34min 57s
The Mandela Effect
Show Details51min 6s
Paranormal & Paranoid News 11
Show Details36min 2s
Ed And Lorraine Warren
Show Details51min 1s
Paranormal & Paranoid News 10
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The House On Lindley Street
Show Details35min 9s
Paranoid & Paranormal News 9
Show Details40min 12s
The Demon of Brownsville Road
Show Details41min 10s
Paranormal & Paranoid News 8
Show Details43min 49s
El Chupacabra
Show Details30min 7s
Paranormal & Paranoid News 7
Show Details37min 2s
The Mothman
Show Details39min 55s
Paranormal & Paranoid News 6
Show Details39min 51s
Haunted Lighthouses & Ghost Ships
Show Details55min 58s
Paranormal & Paranoid News 5
Show Details45min 3s
Doppelgängers & Evil Twins
Show Details50min 19s
Paranormal & Paranoid News 4
Show Details46min 36s
Show Details36min 10s
Paranoid & Paranormal News 3
Show Details36min 39s
Creepy Camping Stories
Show Details56min 49s
Paranoid And Paranormal News #2
Show Details39min 18s
Haunted CERN & Area 51
Show Details41min 49s
Paranoid And Paranormal News #1
Show Details41min 32s
Haunted High Schools & Paranormal Photos
Show Details38min 25s
Halloweentown & Twilight
Show Details40min 38s
Dracula & The Grimm Reaper
Show Details47min 53s
Danvers Lunatic Asylum and Salem Witch Trials
Show Details51min 37s
Seances & Ouija Boards
Show Details48min 25s
Lizzie Borden & Spontaneous Human Combustion
Show Details54min 35s
Show Details31min 42s
Grisly Graveyards
Show Details37min 46s
Spooky Siri and Alexa & The Amityville Horror
Show Details44min 38s
Cops And The Paranormal & Screaming Skulls
Show Details48min 25s
Creepy Nanny Cam Footage & Modern Day Prophets of Doom
Show Details47min 50s
The Haunted King & Sleepwalking Murders
Show Details40min 52s
Show Details42min 18s
Pittock Mansion & Shanghai Tunnels(w/ Salon Sleuths)
Show Details26min 35s
Strange Weather & Vengeful Witches
Show Details45min 50s
The Phoenix Lights
Show Details25min 38s
Sleep Paralysis
Show Details33min 1s
Haunted Cats & Dogs
Show Details38min 24s
Poltergeist Curse & The Hope Diamond
Show Details43min 44s
Creepy Carousels & Freaky Forests
Show Details42min 20s
Mummies & Mystery Boxes
Show Details38min 12s
Driskill Hotel & Winchester Mystery House
Show Details39min 21s
Strange Disappearances
Show Details51min 15s
Mcmenamins White Eagle Saloon & Edgefield Hotel
Show Details40min 25s
Glamis Castle
Show Details31min 55s
Deadly Spiders
Show Details31min 14s
Gargoyles & Near-Death Experiences
Show Details35min 52s
Island Of The Dolls & Haunted Mirrors
Show Details32min 24s
Cursed Composers & Creepy Clown Panic
Show Details40min 16s
April Tragedies & Plague Phantoms
Show Details45min 18s
Vampires & Video Games
Show Details38min 35s
Creepy Gravestones & Bigfoot
Show Details45min 51s
Haunted Hotels
Show Details36min 36s
Skinwalker Ranch & Black-Eyed Children
Show Details34min 4s
Willow's Weep & Morgan's Corner
Show Details32min 40s
New Mexico State Penitentiary Riot & The Black Monk
Show Details38min 30s
Robert The Doll & Summerwind
Show Details35min 36s
Valentine's Day Special
Show Details46min 44s
Curse Of The Bell Witch & Hitchhiking Ghosts
Show Details30min 9s
Disneyland Deaths & James Dean Death Car
Show Details36min 43s
Shades Of Death Road & Slender Man
Show Details34min 33s
Witch's Castle & Strange Day In Seaside
Show Details26min 20s
Carol's Ghost Stories & Oculus Anubis
Show Details25min 20s
Thelma Taylor & College Ghosts
Show Details23min 33s
Oregon State Mental Hospital & David Carradine
Show Details23min 2s
Jake Bird & Lone Fir Cemetery
Show Details24min 5s
1 - Bandage Man
Show Details19min 40s