• Cannabis Cultivation And Breeding Experts
    Cannabis cultivation and breeding experts. Arnold Diehl is Vice Chairman of Floridians for Freedom, Owner of Synergistic Naturals, advocate with Florida Cannabis Action Network and one of the leading cannabis cultivation and breeding experts in the state of Florida. The Marijuana Solution is glad to bring you a new perspective on the term medicine when referencing marijuana.
    1h 4m - Apr 25, 2019
  • Freedom Fighter of the Year
    Freedom Fighter of the Year in 2014 High Times Robert Platshorn joins The Marijuana Solution with host Robert Roundtree. He is the author of The Black Tuna Diaries, and featured in the documentary titled Square Grouper. Robert Platshorn is a legendary cannabis smuggler. He served a 32-year prison sentence for importing cannabis. He has the record for serving the longest sentence for cannabis. Robert Platshorn has been a champion for the cannabis plant long enough to see many lives wrecked. Platshorn has also seen how many life’s it's touched and this is where the senior population hits home. The fastest growing demographic of cannabis users is tuning into the message put out by The Silver Tour. This episode focuses on the work Robert Platshorn is doing educating seniors with The Silver Tour. There is also the event Meet the Experts March 18-19 2017 at the Harrahs resort in Atlantic City.
    1h 4m - Apr 25, 2019
  • Dispelling Old Myths About This Medicine
    Dispelling old myths about this medicine. The Marijuana Solution’s Robert Roundtree interviews cannabis expert Carlos Hermida, M.B.A. in this 90-minute program that covers many important topics within the industry. Carlos is a well-known figure in the medical cannabis arena and earned three bachelor’s degrees plus an M.B.A. He graduated valedictorian of his class at Oaksterdam University’s Horticulture program and then became a budtender at Nirvana Wellness Center in San Jose, California. Carlos is now an educator, public speaker and Executive Vice President of the Florida Cannabis Coalition in Tampa, Florida. In this interview, Carlos shares his extensive knowledge of the legal Florida cannabis business and the trends he expects to see in the coming months and years. He also emphasizes the importance of networking in this industry and how the Florida Cannabis Coalition is a leader in providing classes, seminars, webinars, and other events to help interested people understand, benefit and profit from this new green rush. It’s obvious from this program that Carlos is not only extremely knowledgeable but very passionate about how cannabis can help medical cannabis patients in Florida. He’s dedicated his life to spreading the word about cannabis and hopes more people will get involved dispelling old myths about this medicine and make sure everyone that needs this plant will have access to its benefits. During this podcast with Carlos, we discuss current issues in the Florida medical marijuana industry and what the coalition is doing to support small businesses and entrepreneurs looking to enter the space. The Florida Cannabis Coalition was started in 2013 and is the oldest, largest Florida cannabis business organization. Watch a short video on one of the cannabis 101 classes taught by Carlos at the FCC.
    1h 33m - Apr 25, 2019
  • Florida Is Allegedly Canceling Florida Medical Marijuana Patients
    Florida is allegedly canceling Florida medical marijuana patients. Dr. Adrian Long’s office of Crescent Beach Care in St. Augustine Florida is allegedly canceling Florida medical marijuana patients Mmj card/registration. Today on The Marijuana Solution podcast episode 25 we speak with Nina Dawn of Florida. According to Nina, Dr. Long’s office staff refused to put her order in for two weeks, then demanded more money, and finally said they would be canceling her order in the registry. This was allegedly done after putting her into the registry but not putting in active order. According to Nina Dawn, she was advised that she would have an initial order of 300mg/day and she could adjust it if needed, otherwise, she wouldn’t need to be seen again until the renewal of 7 months came up. Nina says she was told this despite never actually receiving an active order for 300mg/day as the doctor advised.

    This means Nina has a card but no actual order for medicine. Nina says that the doctor's office billed her insurance company and was paid, despite cannabis being federally illegal. Does this mean that the doctor lied about the nature of the visit to her insurance company? Who knows, we will continue to look into this story to get some answers. Unfortunately, stories like this continue to pour in from around the state. We reached out to Dr. Long’s office for comment and so far calls have not been returned.

    Despite the horror stories coming in about shady practices, the vast majority of physician-patient relationships are outstanding and patients are happy overall with the care provided.
    37m - Apr 17, 2019
  • Growing Medically Necessary Cannabis
    Growing medically necessary cannabis. Jesse Dosher, army veterans faces time in the cage for growing medically necessary cannabis in Marion Florida. His life as a combat veteran gave him PTSD and he’s on The Marijuana Solution to tell his story. His story is a story of triumph over tragedy, family repair from destruction and recovery from the grips of 60 prescription pills at the hands of the Veterans Administration.
    53m - Apr 17, 2019
  • The Next Big Disruptive Force To Hit The Cannabis Industry
    The next big disruptive force to hit the cannabis industry with Securities expert, Todd Kleperis, of Hard Car Security. Todd joins us on The Marijuana Solution to talk cannabis security. New technologies like cybersecurity and robotics are making their way into the cannabis industry. Todd Kleperis provides some insight into the reasons these technologies may be the next big disruptive force to hit the cannabis industry. HARDCAR is an award-winning company and long-time contributor to the cannabis industry, with a proven track record of cultivating and solidifying meaningful relationships with businesses and government officials alike. With leadership roles in the nation’s top cannabis associations, groundbreaking advocacy meetings with government officials, and unprecedented partnerships with credit unions, the company has established viable banking services for cannabis companies all across the United States. From Cash In Transit (CIT) to Cannabis Distribution, Cannabis Banking, Secured Cannabis Storage, Cannabis Financing, and Cannabis Transport, HARDCAR has all aspects of the cannabis market covered while continuing to reinforce compliance and public safety as the industry grows.
    25m - Apr 17, 2019
  • The Use Of Medical Marijuana For Appropriate Conditions
    The use of medical marijuana for appropriate conditions with Dr. Michelle Weiner. Dr. Michelle is an Interventional Pain Management Physician board certified in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. She’s also an advocate for the use of medical marijuana for appropriate conditions in her Florida practice. Because of her pro-medical cannabis stance, Dr. Weiner is in high demand as a dynamic speaker at live events throughout the state about this medicine. Her seminar appearances and regular podcasts have reached thousands of potential medical marijuana patients and also educated many physicians on this emerging treatment.

    The doctor completed her residency and fellowship training at the University of Miami and is certified by the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine. While she specializes in diagnosing and treating spine and musculoskeletal pain as well as chronic migraines, Dr. Weiner is passionate about the use of medical cannabis to improve the quality of life in some of her patients.

    Based in South Florida, she sees many elderly patients that have been previously prescribed opiate-based medications. While this class of powerful and highly addictive drugs is appropriate for certain conditions, Dr. Weiner feels a strong need to educate her patients about less dangerous alternatives including medical marijuana. In fact, she individualizes medical cannabis treatments based on patient-specific factors with the goal of maximizing the quality of life for her patients.

    She feels medical cannabis can often be an excellent option for seniors to help decrease overall pharmaceutical use and avoid the incredibly dangerous side effects of an opioid pain relief regimen. So, Dr. Weiner focuses on decreasing opioid consumption while still effectively managing pain with alternative methods like medical cannabis.
    41m - Apr 17, 2019
  • Celebration Of Cannabis Inspired Art
    Celebration Of Cannabis Inspired Art. This episode is with Erik Range of Art Four Twenty discusses the year-end celebration of cannabis inspired art and diversity in cannabis. Art Four Twenty has partnered with the biggest brands in the industry to showcase the best in cannabis inspired artwork during this year's weeklong Art Basel Miami showcase. The Annual ART420 Cannabis Inspired Art Show has become one of the industries most anticipated events each year. Attracting cannabis and art enthusiast alike, the ART420 annual exhibition is like an elegant wedding between cannabis and art. Their mission is to challenge the stereotypes of cannabis users as lazy and unproductive. They also seek to explore the impact cannabis has on society and the human experience.
    51m - Apr 17, 2019
  • Regulated Adult Use Cannabis
    Regulated Adult Use Cannabis with Karen Seeb Goldstein. The Marijuana Solution podcast episode 27 features one of Florida’s most legendary canna warriors, Karen Seeb Goldstein. Karen Seeb Goldstein is head of Norml in the state of Florida. She has been intricately involved in the cannabis legalization movement since the beginning. We brought Karen on to talk about Norml, the National Organization for Reform of Marijuana Laws, Regulate Florida, and how Florida will pass the Florida Cannabis Act to bring regulated adult use cannabis. Regulate Florida protects everything from gun rights, to home grows.
    48m - Apr 17, 2019
  • Cannabis pharmacology
    Cannabis pharmacology with Dr. Joseph Rosado. This episode of The Marijuana Solution we speak with Dr. Joseph Rosado about cannabis pharmacology. Originally from the Bronx, NY, Dr. Joseph Rosado moved down to the Central Florida region to work as an orderly and EMT/Paramedic. It was there that Dr. Rosado realized his passion for the medical profession. He started chiropractic school at Life College in Marietta, GA where he graduated cum laude with a BS degree in Clinical Nutrition and a doctor of chiropractic degree. After practicing for several years, he went on to Universidad Central del Este, in San Pedro de Macoris wherein 2001 he graduated summa cum laude with his medical degree. After working as physician and clinic Director in Salt Lake City, UT, team physician for the Costa Rican Institute of Recreation and Sports, and staff physician at Hospital Metropolitano in San Juan, PR.
    1h 23m - Apr 17, 2019
  • Innovations In Cannabis Product Development
    Innovations in cannabis product development with Kim Rivers, CEO of Trulieve, and Robert Roundtree on The Marijuana Solution Podcast. This episode focuses on what Trulieve is doing as far as innovations in cannabis product development, community engagement, and issues they will be focusing on during the 2018 legislative session in Tallahassee Florida. Kim tells us about the Trustick, new strains, and the massive job creation going on, 425 jobs and growing daily. Trulieve has been achieving milestone after milestone in the Florida medical marijuana program and we are excited to have her back for the second time on The Marijuana Solution.
    1h 2m - Apr 17, 2019
  • The New Phenomena Using Cannabis
    The new phenomena using cannabis with Dr. Ed Deutscher and Laurie Bird. The Marijuana Solution Episode 030 features a newly converted Florida medical marijuana doctor. Dr. Ed Deutscher and Laurie Bird of Compassionate Care of Florida joins Robert Roundtree to discuss the new phenomena encountered when they started using medical marijuana to treat their patients. Residents of Florida who seek an alternative pathway to wellness and happier living can now obtain medical marijuana recommendations through the phenomenal Compassionate Care of Florida clinic in Oldsmar.
    59m - Apr 17, 2019
  • Focus On True Health Care Reform
    Focus on true health care reform with Cory Hutchinson. Below is Cory’s bio from the CrowPac site. You can commit to donating to his campaign at this link.

    I am Cory Hutchinson, a North Port resident, who has lived in Sarasota County my entire life. I believe in our county, and in our people. I have seen the struggles and successes of this region over the course of my life, and have seen what many families and individuals are dealing with. We have a community that is ripe with potential but is not being served well by our current representatives.

    Wages are stagnant, and many Sarasota and Charlotte County residents are living in poverty. Many cannot find a job that supports a family, because these jobs are disappearing in favor of minimum-wage, part-time positions. Florida’s mental health care system has fallen apart, and our environmental protection is lackluster. We have to remember that Florida, and Sarasota County, are not just tourist destinations. We have to focus on the people who pay taxes here, the people who live here year round.

    I am considering running for State Representative, District 74, to bring your voice to Tallahassee. I believe in our citizens. I believe in citizen’s rights, and making sure that we, as citizens, are fairly represented. I want our education system reformed, our health care system reformed, and our legislators to pay attention to the people they promised to represent.
    47m - Apr 11, 2019
  • The Legal Issues Surrounding The Cannabis Industry
    The legal issues surrounding the cannabis industry with Bill Monroe. Host Robert Roundtree speaks with 3 Boys Farm’s Director of Dispensary Management, Bill Monroe. Bill Monroe is a U.S. Navy Veteran and has been an active force in the Florida medical marijuana industry since its inception. This episode we discuss the legal issues surrounding the cannabis industry in light of Jeff Sessions decision to rescind the Cole memo. Bill also sheds light on what it takes to be successful in the Florida medical marijuana industry. Hint…..Thick skin, 16-20 hour days, dealing with intimidation and having an ability to remain fluid.
    58m - Apr 11, 2019
  • The Legalization Front Of Florida
    The legalization front of Florida Michael Minardi, Chairman of Regulate Florida, champion of patients rights and defender of cannabis freedom. Michael joins The Marijuana Solution podcast to discuss the legalization front of Florida, and how you can get involved. Michael C. Minardi is the Senior Partner at Minardi Law. For over 15 years, Michael has dedicated his practice to fighting for clients charged with cannabis crimes. His passion has driven him to learn and understanding medical cannabis laws in the State of Florida and throughout the country.
    39m - Apr 11, 2019
  • The Florida Medical Marijuana Industry
    The Florida medical marijuana industry with Pete Sessa, Co-Founder of the Florida Cannabis Coalition. Pete joins Robert Roundtree, host of The Marijuana Solution for episode 038 of the podcast. The Coalition that Pete co-founded has been at the forefront of business development and networking in the Florida medical marijuana industry. Join the Florida Cannabis Coalition and Florida Marijuana at Super Cannaday in Miami. All Veterans get in FREE. Pete Sessa is an established brand-building marketing executive who has worked with nearly every major American advertiser and agency from Coca Cola to Saatchi & Saatchi. In 2014, Pete entered the cannabis industry, co-founding the Florida Cannabis Coalition. Founded in 2014, the Florida Cannabis Coalition is dedicated to educating and empowering Florida’s legal marijuana community. Florida Cannabis Coalition is just one of the high profile brands under the FMCC Investments Inc. umbrella. In addition to the Florida Cannabis Coalition, FMCC Investments also host Green Carpet Networking Events across the state of Florida.
    51m - Apr 11, 2019
  • The Floridian Who Died and Came Back to Sing
    The Floridian Who Died and Came Back to Sing with Zai Gyros. The latest episode of The Marijuana Solution is a special appearance by Zai Gyros and special guest host, Hilary, AKA Sunshine Girl. Zai survives with a condition that is an exceptionally rare form of seizures. She joins us to discuss her story of triumph and healing through her music. She has been featured on the WWE star Swerve’s theme song. She is also working on groundbreaking research into the healing powers of sound and music. We are proud that she is a Floridian and excited to expose you to such an amazing human being. The post The Marijuana Solution Podcast Episode 032 Zai Gyros, The Floridian Who Died and Came Back to Sing appeared first on .
    28m - Apr 11, 2019
  • Florida Medical Marijuana Doctors
    Florida Medical Marijuana Doctors with Victoria Walker from Trulieve. Victoria joins Robert Roundtree on The Marijuana Solution Podcast to discuss the community outreach program she oversees. Trulieve has been at the forefront of the Florida medical marijuana programs evolution. Victoria and the division in Trulieve that she oversees is ground zero for engaging patients and physicians. The outreach being conducted with Florida Medical Marijuana Doctors provides valuable two-way feedback between the doctors and dispensary.
    50m - Apr 11, 2019
  • To Be A Part Of The Collective
    To be a part of the Collective with Ryan Hurley, founder of SMRT Collective. Ryan joins host Robert Roundtree on the 40th episode of The Marijuana Solution. Ryan Hurley and the members of the SMRT Collective may be the most genuine, sincere, compassionate group of human beings in the Florida medical marijuana industry and advocacy community. The Collective has supported the most diverse range of community-based initiatives, veterans organizations and patient groups of any cannabis organization in Florida.
    52m - Apr 11, 2019
  • The Florida Cannabis Coalition
    The Florida Cannabis Coalition with Tom Quigley, Co-Founder of The Florida Cannabis Coalition. Tom joins host Robert Roundtree on The Marijuana Solution. Tom is a pioneer in the Florida Cannabis industry. He has built the largest Florida marijuana business association with his partner Pete Sessa. Quigley is a co-founder of The Florida Cannabis Coalition, he also has been a member of The ArcView Group, a private marijuana investment, and market research firm, is a founding member of the American Prepaid Phone Card Association, and major supporter of organizations such as Students for Sensible Drug Policy and Marijuana Policy Project. Currently helping start-up companies connect with sources of capital. Also the author of Corporate to Cannabis the green carpet entry.
    1h 16m - Apr 10, 2019
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