Episode 33: Art & Resilience: An Insight into Chevyn McClintock's Creative World

52m | Jan 31, 2024

This weeks "Live Life by Design" featured special guest Chevyn McClintock, an interior designer and real estate investor with an impressive resume that includes being named top realtor in America at age 30 and having her interior design work featured in major media outlets like HGTV and the New York Times.

 Our hosts and Chevyn have an incredibly wide ranging conversation, touching on McClintock's entrepreneurial drive from a young age, her passion for art and design, and the challenges she overcame as a woman succeeding in male-dominated industries like real estate and construction. Chevyn shared inspiring stories about following her dreams from Texas to California, standing up to skeptics as she took on high-profile interior design projects, and breaking barriers by becoming the first woman appointed to the Santa Barbara Contractors Association board.

 The podcast also discussed Chevyn's tips for budget-conscious yet stylish flips, the importance of dignity and kindness alongside business success, and the need to "never, ever give up" when faced with obstacles. McClintock and our hosts also lamented society's loss of human interaction and proper manners in the internet age.

In the end, our hosts encouraged listeners, especially aspiring women entrepreneurs, to follow Chevyn's lead and persevere in pursuing their passions.

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