Episode 30: No Excuses: Hold Yourself Accountable to Succeed

53m | Jan 10, 2024

Today's "Live Life by Design" podcast hosted a lively discussion about accountability and planning for success in 2024. Our hosts start out by reading our Become an Investor mission statement, which emphasizes that natural talents and skills are enhanced through challenges. Our hosts then shared personal examples of changes they want to make in 2024, like spending more quality time with family or overcoming procrastination at work.

 Introducing our new accountability planner, our hosts walked through key elements like identifying non-negotiable priorities, conducting a SWOT analysis of strengths and weaknesses, and budgeting income goals. They explained how the planner's short quarterly format helps people stay focused instead of getting overwhelmed by yearlong plans. Our hosts got vulnerable describing personal mistakes they have made from spreading themselves too thin and the importance of learning to say no.

 Personal development and accountability are the main themes to the episode. Our hosts emphasized that while everyone wants more money, you have to take risks and implement plans to get there. Our hosts concluded by inviting everyone to the free starter courses and offering an accountability planner PDF to help listeners take action.

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