Episode 31: Who Are You? Finding Your Identity as a Real Estate Investor

51m | Jan 17, 2024

In this weeks episode of the "Live Life By Design" podcast our hosts discuss the importance of finding your identity as a real estate investor. They emphasize that you need to understand your role in the business and what strategies fit you best in order to be successful.

Our hosts share the importance of having your own identity and always knowing the next step you want to take. They relate this to real estate investing - you have to keep moving and taking action in order to grow, even if it means stepping into uncertainty. Stagnation leads to staying in your comfort zone.

The conversation covers how circumstances often force people to make changes in their lives and careers. This discomfort can lead to significant growth. Our hosts use examples from their own lives of how losing a job or going through a divorce prompted them to pursue real estate investing. However, they note that proactive people don't wait around for circumstances to push them into change. 

They also debate whether real estate strategies should be circumstantial or more tied to your inherent preferences and talents. Our hosts emphasize the importance of laser focusing your energy so you can truly master a specific investing niche. As a new investor, you may need to try different strategies to ultimately find the right fit based on your skills and passion.

In summary, the key is taking action, surrounding yourself with mentors, and exploring different real estate niches to determine your identity. Don’t get overwhelmed by analysis paralysis. Allow your identity as an investor to evolve over time. Focus on acquiring knowledge and experience that will serve you for decades to come.

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