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Hey, It Happens

A group of friends sharing opinions and stories that nobody asked for.

We share opinions on pop culture, movies, music, cars, sports, and even subjects for which we are unqualified to discuss such as politics and the medical world.


Jar of Flies and The Incredible True Story
Show Details1hr 24min
The free flowing, no topic, no lying, just rambling episode
Show Details1hr 34min
We fight over cereal and almost ruin our freindship
Show Details1hr 31min
We rank potato chips
Show Details1hr 55min
Do we even like Spiderman?
Show Details1hr 27min
Tales from the hood
Show Details1hr 14min
We rank candy
Show Details1hr 39min
We rank Call Of Duty games
Show Details1hr 26min
We rank fast food places
Show Details1hr 12min
Be careful with crypto scams, and influencers
Show Details1hr 6min
A trip down memory lane
Show Details1hr 1min
The terrible and deadly introduction of the Ford Explorer
Show Details52min 42s
VW's diesel scandal and its results
Show Details53min 33s
Astroworld, DC Cinematic Universe, and someone got covid?
Show Details1hr 41min
Drake vs Kanye, Ferrari's Intricate Business Model, Vinyl records and music
Show Details1hr 42min
Violence and Videogames, Movies and Music
Show Details1hr 24min
Texas winter storm, social media, and sleeping with socks on
Show Details1hr 42min
Episode 1 (Pilot)
Show Details38min 29s