Footwear Fables W/ Common Ace

Season 1 | Episode 7
22m | Dec 22, 2020

Signing off for the Year ....I wanted to finish off the last in the season footwear fable I will be talking to Co-founders of Common Ace Sophia Chang ( @esymai ) and Romy Samuel ( @romromyyy ) to discuss what motivated them to build there awesome female-focused sneaker e-commerce platform.

Shopping for sneakers has not always been the easiest for women, given that the streetwear industry although it has become more and more inclusive in recent years has been historically male-dominated. Having gone through years of scouring online for the right sizes or being let down repeatedly that exciting new releases come in men’s sizing only, footwear fanatics Romy Samuel and Sophia Chang have teamed up to build a new female-focused e-commerce platform Common Ace. 

In this extraordinary time it was great speaking with Sophia and Romy two agile and creative minds thinking outside of the box building a very important journey not only for the culture, but for all of us as individuals

Loved the energy for this last episode of season 1 . Wishing everybody a very Happy Christmas and spreading positive power to all in 2021.

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Footwear Fables