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Sobriety Elevated

In each episode, we will explore sobriety, the issues facing those in sobriety, and discuss ways to strengthen and empower your sobriety.Join Kevin Thole and Jim Pehkonen as they discuss different topics in sobriety and recovery. Our commitment is to empower your recovery and elevate your sobriety!If you are on Facebook, join our group 'Sobriety Elevated Podcast' (


E69 Being of Service
Show Details17min 49s
E68 Recovery Quotes II
Show Details19min 41s
E67 Happy Birthday Kevin!! 3 Years Sober!
Show Details21min 47s
E66 The HOW of Recovery
Show Details17min 31s
E65 Gratitude In Recovery
Show Details18min 4s
E64 7 Ways to Strengthen Recovery
Show Details19min 56s
E63 Finding Peace in Recovery
Show Details21min 12s
E62 Recovery Quotes
Show Details20min 15s
E61 - Telling Their Story - Molly Now
Show Details19min 5s
E60 - Creating Your Recovery
Show Details18min 9s
E59 - Telling Their Story - Molly
Show Details19min 21s
E58 - 4 Noble Truths of Recovery
Show Details18min 43s
E57 - Life is Sobriety 2022
Show Details18min 20s
E56: Alcoholic Life Impacts Alison
Show Details19min 19s
E55: Telling Their Story - Alison - Married to an Alcoholic - And MORE!
Show Details20min 45s
E54: 2022 Happy New Year!
Show Details19min 41s
E53: Family Through the Holidays
Show Details18min 43s
E52: Working in Recovery - BEing the Difference
Show Details20min 1s
E51: The Evolution of Recovery - Part 1
Show Details20min 25s
E50: Prioritizing Your Recovery
Show Details19min 41s
E49: Step Recovery - Caleb's Journey
Show Details18min 13s
E48: Stone Cold Sober
Show Details19min 25s
E47: Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!
Show Details22min 35s
E46: Dealing with THOSE in Recovery
Show Details21min 11s
E45: Holiday Stress and Recovery
Show Details20min 52s
E44: Rachel Discusses Boundaries, Addiction, and Recovery
Show Details22min 7s
E43: Isolation, Solitude, and Lonely
Show Details18min 12s
E42: An Amazing Spiritual Therapist Shares ...
Show Details21min 33s
E41: Peace In Recovery II
Show Details20min 39s
E40: A Zen Buddhist and Recovery ...
Show Details22min 52s
E39: Life With an Addict - Part 2
Show Details18min 22s
E38: Life With an Addict - Part 1
Show Details21min 28s
E37: Peace in Recovery
Show Details20min 2s
E36: Supporting Someone Wanting to be Sober - Part 2
Show Details20min
E35: Supporting Someone Wanting to be Sober - Part 1
Show Details20min 20s
E34: Recovery as a SUPERPOWER!
Show Details21min 3s
E33: Instant Gratification in Recovery
Show Details19min 8s
E32: Interview with Kelly - Kevin Before and After
Show Details19min 12s
E31: Grief in Recovery
Show Details16min 54s
E30: Commitment in Recovery #7
Show Details19min 51s
E29: Trust in Recovery
Show Details18min 41s
E28: Recharge in Recovery
Show Details19min 25s
E27: The Sur-Realizations in Recovery
Show Details21min 46s
E26: Recovery and the Feynman Technique
Show Details15min 44s
E25: So You Want To Be Sober
Show Details20min 27s
E24: Leaning Into Your Recovery
Show Details17min 38s
E23: The Little Things in Recovery
Show Details19min
E22: Trauma in Addiction
Show Details15min 46s
E21: Movement in Recovery
Show Details20min 20s
E20: Creating Purpose in Your Recovery
Show Details20min 12s
E19: Friendship in Recovery
Show Details19min 44s
E18: One Percent Better!
Show Details19min 44s
E17: Success in Recovery - Interview with Dustin
Show Details18min 11s
E16: The Abracadabra of Recovery!
Show Details20min 1s
E15: Sober Boredom Syndrome
Show Details16min 17s
E14: Why Recovery Fails ...
Show Details19min 3s
E13: A Different Model for Treatment
Show Details18min 7s
E12: 4 Steps to Empowered Recovery
Show Details19min 45s
E11: Best Sober Summer EVER!
Show Details14min 19s
E10: Fear and Anxiety in Your Recovery
Show Details15min 32s
E9: Rebuilding 'Family'
Show Details16min 6s
E8: Empowering YOUR Support Network
Show Details18min 43s
E7: Supporting Someone in Recovery
Show Details18min 21s
E6: The Art of Loving Yourself in Recovery
Show Details16min 53s
E5: Support and Accountability in Recovery
Show Details19min 6s
E4: Commitment and Obstacles in your Sobriety
Show Details19min 10s
E3: Exploring Commitment to the Path of Sobriety
Show Details19min 34s
E2: Rebuilding Your Life in Sobriety
Show Details19min 48s
E1: Welcome to Sobriety Elevated
Show Details7min 5s