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Welcome to The Players Podcast. This is an all sports podcast covering weekly sporting news from around the globe and diving into the ins and outs of sporting events and experiences.


Ep 6 - Ugliest Trophies In The World, South Africa Insta Mistake
Show Details28min 26s
Ep 5 - Special Guest Shep & Joe Talk About Cricket and The AFL Trade Period (Surprise Cameo Too)
Show Details37min 27s
Ep 4 - Is Melbourne The Sports Capital Of The World?? 2021 AFL Team Review
Show Details30min 49s
Ep 3 - Special Guest Chuck Speaks To Az and Bop About AFL Grand Final
Show Details30min 56s
Ep 2 - AFL Brownlow discussion, Grand Final Preview & New Womens Cricket Format (EXTRA: GUEST ANNOUNCEMENT AND AZ'S APOLOGY)
Show Details30min 25s
Ep 1 - Us Open & AFL Prelims Discussion
Show Details36min 53s
The Players Podcast Trailer
Show Details30s