Social Equity Programs And The Grassroots Influence With NORML's Chris Goldstein

31m | Mar 12, 2024

As conversations around cannabis legalization gain momentum in Pennsylvania, Senator Sharif Street, Joe Hodas and Chris Goldstein, a regional organizer for the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML), discuss the path forward. Their insights reveal the intricate dynamics at play, from political influences to the importance of social equity and grassroots advocacy in shaping policy.

One of the most significant themes to emerge from the transcript is the focus on social equity programs within cannabis legalization. Senator Street and Goldstein discuss the need for licensing, building knowledge bases, providing mentorship, and ensuring access to capital. Diving deeper into the social equity discussion, the necessity for knowledge dissemination and financial assistance emerges. Mentorship programs and training academies have been touted as solutions for bridging this knowledge gap. Pennsylvania is considering integrating similar approaches within its framework, inspired by successful initiatives in neighboring states.

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Planting Seeds with Senator Sharif Street