Advocating for Inclusion and Local Supply Chains in Pennsylvania Cannabis

31m | Feb 27, 2024

The future of cannabis is envisioned through a lens of globalization and diversity. Countries like Ghana are stepping into the cannabis market, creating a bridge with US communities. Today's guest, Cherron Perry-Thomas, underscores, "It's happening slowly," indicating that there's much work to be done in crafting an industry that doesn't mirror the exclusion suffered in the past. The transference of knowledge and land use rights are key aspects in ensuring inclusion and participation from communities on a global scale.

For communities in Pennsylvania and elsewhere, it remains paramount to acknowledge cannabis as a formidable vector for economic and social transformation. Legislators need to be made aware of the lived experiences that underline the pressing need for equitable cannabis legislation. This coversation between Senator Sharif Street, Joe Hodas and Cherron Thomas serves as a catalyst for change, envisioning a world where the cannabis industry thrives on inclusivity, community investment, and fair representation. The path toward a unified and equitable cannabis industry is laden with challenges, yet it promises empowerment and progressive change for local economies and marginalized communities worldwide.

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Planting Seeds with Senator Sharif Street