Pennsylvania's Path to Ideal Cannabis Legislation: Insights from Steve Bevin and Brett Goldman, Partners at OCan Group

34m | Mar 25, 2024

Pennsylvania is at a crossroads in crafting cannabis legislation that could set new standards for regulation and industry practice. With the influx of expertise from seasoned growers and the progressive vision of Senator Sharif Street, the Keystone State is poised to lead in creating a blueprint for cannabis legalization that benefits producers, workers, and consumers alike.

Today our guests Steve Bevin and Brett Goldman of OCan Group, an advocacy group working to create global access to cannabinoids, join Senator Street and Joe Hodas to discuss the future of cannabis legalization and regulation in Pennsylvania. They advocate for treating cannabis as an agricultural crop, with the Department of Agriculture overseeing regulations. The goal is to create a robust market that benefits both small and large businesses while ensuring access to safe and affordable products. This episode offers valuable insights into the potential of Pennsylvania's cannabis market and the need for a comprehensive regulatory framework.

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Planting Seeds with Senator Sharif Street