Planting Seeds: Exploring the Journey to Cannabis Legalization in Pennsylvania

32m | Feb 2, 2024

Over the years, the perception of cannabis has shifted from a fringe issue to a mainstream topic. With 33 states now having some form of legalization, there are lawyers, lobbyists, and business people involved in the industry. However, this evolution has also led to an identity crisis within the cannabis industry. Some see it as a movement for social change, while others view it as a business opportunity. The challenge is finding a balance between the two and recognizing the benefits that come with the industry's success.

Planting Seeds is the podcast where we dive deep into the issues surrounding cannabis legalization in Pennsylvania. Your co-host, Senator Sharif Street, will be discussing a range of topics, from social equity to the legislative process to best practices from around the country. Joining him on this journey is Joe Hodas, the Chief Marketing Officer for Wana Brands, one of the largest and most trusted edibles manufacturers in North America. Together, they will shed light on the path to creating one of the best legalized systems in the country.

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Planting Seeds with Senator Sharif Street