MSOs and Social Equity in Pennsylvania's Emerging Cannabis Market

32m | Apr 2, 2024

The cannabis landscape is evolving rapidly, and Pennsylvania stands at the cusp of potentially transformative legislation. In the 8th episode of Planting Seeds with Senator Sharif Street, distinct perspectives converge, offering insights into the complex interplay between large multi-state operators (MSOs), small-scale operators, and the pursuit of social equity in the cannabis industry.

In this episode Senator Street, Joe Hodas and Bryan Murray, EVP of Communications and Government Relations for Acreage, discuss the balance between large multi-state operators (MSOs) and small craft cultivators in the cannabis industry. They emphasize the importance of creating a diverse market that includes both MSOs and smaller independent cultivators. They also touch on the current adult use bills in Pennsylvania and the need for a comprehensive social equity program. The episode concludes with a discussion on the definition and implementation of social equity in the cannabis industry.

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Planting Seeds with Senator Sharif Street