Excelsior Journeys

Inspired by the international bestselling young adult / science-fiction novel Excelsior, this weekly interview show puts the spotlight on both up-and-coming and established creative talents who share their journey to success.


Multi-Award Winning Podcaster Kim Adragna Takes Us to The Grindhouse!
Show Details59min 49s
Author and Podcaster Bethanie F. DeVors Has Lots of Stuff to Talk About
Show Details1hr 8min
Content Creator Justin Beahm Puts the Special in Special Features
Show Details1hr 5min
Actor and Digital Artist Victor Caroli Gives Both Lead Performances and Cameos
Show Details1hr 25min
Manny Cabo Has Quite "The Voice" and the Mojo to Back It Up
Show Details40min 27s
Writer / Producer Ron Friedman Has Transformed You, Your Parents, and This Show
Show Details2hr 35min
”Til All Are One!” - The Legacy of TransFormers: The Movie
Show Details1hr 13min
”An Autobot Shall Rise from Our Ranks” - The Aftermath of TransFormers: The Movie
Show Details1hr 6min
"Heaven Only Knows What You Might Find" - The Music of TransFormers: The Movie
Show Details39min 25s
"It Is the Year 2005" - The Voices of TransFormers: The Movie
Show Details1hr 24min
Two Years in the Making - The Development of TransFormers: The Movie
Show Details1hr 9min
Financial Clarity Coach Tricia Daniel Wants to Make Your Business Thrive!
Show Details35min 14s
Podcaster Mike Seibert Takes Us Beyond Good, Beyond Evil, Beyond Your Wildest Imagination!
Show Details1hr 25min
Debut Author Natalie Cammaratta Tells All About Falling and Uprising
Show Details37min 22s
An Excelsior Journey Coming to You From Parts Unknown
Show Details31min 4s
Voice Actor Michael Bell Wants to Help You Find Your Voice
Show Details1hr 21min
Enjoy This Free Preview of the Excelsior Audiobook
Show Details48min 30s
Voice Actor Elle Michelle McCray is Right at Home in the House of Creativity
Show Details50min 46s
Author & Poet Tamara Sellman Has an Intention Tremor to Share
Show Details55min 13s
Writer, Director, Actor, Producer Bobby Del Rio Brings His Skills to The Market
Show Details59min
Writer and Producer Joel Eisenberg Will Have You Writing for Your Life on Clubhouse
Show Details44min 41s
Jacqueline Yeung Has a Map for You to Navigate Clubhouse
Show Details40min 5s
Podcaster and Clubpod Rep Melissa Bright Wants to Celebrate Your Wins on Clubhouse
Show Details45min 12s
Voice Actors Ellie Rodz and Aly Del Vee Have Opened Their Clubhouse to You!
Show Details52min 54s
Jessica Marie Baumgartner Writes Up Some Chicken Soup for Your Soul!
Show Details1hr 19min
Dr Melissa Hurt is Ready to Take On Imposter Syndrome
Show Details53min 18s
Jeffrey Deskovic Fought to Overturn His Own Conviction and is Now Fighting for Others
Show Details51min 41s
Britney Spears Guitarist Zach Comtois Has Some Non-Toxic Stories to Tell
Show Details49min 2s
Actress Jen Eldridge and Emmy Award Winner Carl Hansen are Right at Home in Hollywood!
Show Details1hr 12min
Host and Producer George Sirois Has an Excelsior Journey to Share
Show Details1hr 42min
Actress Catia Ojeda and Writer/Director Alex Goldberg Gave Us Closure
Show Details55min 24s
Shevolution Writer/Producer/Actress Minerva Vier Wants You to Trust Yourself!
Show Details56min 3s
Producer/Director Julia Marchese Goes from Out of Print to Adapting Stephen King
Show Details54min 38s
Author/Poet/Publisher Tonii Langhorne Turns Ideas Into Galaxies!
Show Details1hr 11min
Want to Be a Filmmaker? Be Like Director B. Anthony Gibson and Start Making Films!
Show Details1hr 13min
Black Authors Collaborative Founder Dara Kalima Wants to Help You Succeed!
Show Details1hr 7min
Publish Me II: Beyond the Writing Seminar for Aspiring Authors
Show Details2hr 3min
Bohemia Group EVP of Media Music Peter Hackman
Show Details54min 12s
Vince DiCola Set Your Hearts on Fire and Is Far From Over!
Show Details1hr 1min
Magical Mindset Coach Tracy Staten
Show Details48min 41s
High Performance Coach and Crown Yourself Founder Kimberly Spencer
Show Details1hr 21min
Author, Audiobook Narrator, and Excelsior Journeys Host & Producer George Sirois
Show Details1hr 1min
Heart Medicine Devotions Founder Greta Brokaw
Show Details58min 21s
Award-Winning Author Jennifer Irwin
Show Details1hr 3min
ScriptCom Q&A with Tales from the Crypt Producer Gilbert Adler
Show Details48min 34s
USA Today Bestselling Author & Multiple NaNoWriMo Winner Jason J Nugent
Show Details1hr 10min
USA Today Bestselling Author Cameo Renae
Show Details50min 31s
Bestselling Author and Multimedia Strategist KM Robinson
Show Details55min 46s
New York Times & 7-Time USA Today Bestselling Author Melissa Storm
Show Details1hr 12min
Screenwriter of Halloween 6: The Curse of Michael Myers Daniel Farrands
Show Details46min 3s
Acclaimed New York Times Bestselling Horror & Fantasy Author John Skipp
Show Details1hr 14min
Bram Stoker Award-Winning Author Tim Waggoner
Show Details58min 12s
Publish Me: The Business of Writing
Show Details1hr 59min
Make Way for Books Representative Ethan Myerson
Show Details36min 26s
New York Giants Superfan & Charitable Fundraiser Joe Ruback
Show Details44min 1s
Voice Over Actor Neil Ross
Show Details1hr 35min
Actor and Producer Stanley Livingston
Show Details1hr 29min
Two-Time Emmy Nominated Actress Kathleen Gati
Show Details1hr 3min
Voice Over Artist and Vocal Coach Christina Smith
Show Details1hr 8min
So You Think You Can Dance Competitor & Hamilton Dance Supervisor Ryan Kasprzak
Show Details1hr 29min
In Case of Emergency Author E.G. Scott
Show Details1hr
Tales from the Crypt Producer, Writer, Director Gilbert Adler
Show Details1hr 28min
Actor & Voice Over Artist Fred Melamed
Show Details1hr 53min
Actor & Audiobook Narrator William DeMeritt
Show Details1hr 25min
Transformers, G.I.Joe, Dungeons & Dragons Writer Flint Dille
Show Details1hr 41min
Author & Founder of Metamorphosis Literary Agency Stephanie Hansen
Show Details54min 41s
Author, Screenwriter, Producer, Teacher Joel Eisenberg
Show Details1hr 1min
Performer, Musician, and Instructor Kim Hawkey
Show Details43min 37s
Actor, Dancer, and Tesla & Clean Technica Representative David Havasi
Show Details1hr 44min
Season 2 Premiere: Writers of 411Mania Tribute to Larry Csonka & Chris Hyatte
Show Details1hr 45min
Smashwords CEO Mark Coker
Show Details1hr 18min
Author & Armed Services Veteran April Wood
Show Details29min 35s
Author & Illustrator Jennifer Stolzer and Author Jessica Mathews
Show Details37min 59s
Bestselling & Award-Winning Author Eric Asher
Show Details29min 58s
Bestselling Author Amy Hale
Show Details46min 14s
Do's and Don'ts of Book Signings
Show Details29min 40s
Author Jessica McBrayer
Show Details49min 25s
Author Kendall Grey
Show Details1hr 1min
AMA Episode
Show Details31min 9s
Stand-Up Comic and Emcee Robert Turo
Show Details1hr 6min
Amy Brewer of Metamorphosis Literary Agency
Show Details54min 17s
St. Louis Writers Guild President David Alan Lucas
Show Details1hr 20min
A Call to Action
Show Details14min 48s
Missouri Writers Guild President Robin Tidwell
Show Details59min 4s
Q and A Episode with George Sirois and Previous Guests
Show Details26min 2s
Playwright Jonathan Norton
Show Details1hr 12min
A Tribute to Mac Damron
Show Details1hr 4min
Director Chris Ethridge
Show Details1hr 9min
Artist and Author Elizabeth Meggs
Show Details1hr 35min
Screenwriter and Production Assistant Luke Annand
Show Details41min 5s
Artist Lisa Penz
Show Details56min 57s
Natalie Bushnell of Soulisious
Show Details1hr 17min
Judi Fox of #foxrocks
Show Details1hr 12min
Fitness Advocate and Wristful Thinking Wristbands' Brandi Stewart
Show Details55min 16s
Twin Rivers Worship Center Pastor Joe Dobbins
Show Details43min 12s
Archon 42 Part 2 - Alternate Paths to Publishing
Show Details1hr
Archon 42 Part 1 - Storytelling
Show Details1hr 2min
Author and Editor Rebecca Jaycox
Show Details57min 2s
Author Amalie Jahn
Show Details1hr 3min
Author Katherine Bogle
Show Details43min 40s
Author Jessica McHugh
Show Details1hr 6min
Author RR Virdi
Show Details53min 46s
Author and Musician EC Stilson
Show Details52min 34s
Prologue to NaNoWriMo Month
Show Details27min 28s
Bestselling Authors Sheri Fink and Derek Taylor Kent
Show Details1hr 28min
Actress and Yoga Instructor Kristina Erikson
Show Details56min 23s
West Coast Swing Dancer Doug Rousar
Show Details1hr 38min
Sports Announcer Mark Fratto
Show Details1hr 8min
USA Today Bestselling Authors Michelle Lynn and Michelle Bryan
Show Details43min 14s
Introducing Excelsior Journeys
Show Details8min 20s