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8 million stories by "The Storyteller"

8 million stories is a collection of stories from the life of The Storyteller. A colorfully animated character himself, "The storyteller" doesn't just recant his many encounters through the years with celebrities, pro athletes, coworkers, police and people in general, but he paints the picture with his voice, with a message. There's always a moral to the story. Please Enjoy 8 million stories by "The Storyteller".


Storage Wars: I almost died !!! One man's trash is another man's treasure.
Show Details11min 55s
A Showdown at the Showboat Casino: When you gamble, you lose.
Show Details15min 10s
RIP George Floyd: It could have been me.
Show Details20min 35s
My brush with the NFL: Treat a person like a person.
Show Details17min 14s
My Mike Epps Story: The show must go on !!!
Show Details23min 26s