Don't Play With Your Potential w/ Incognito & DJ Misses | Episode 164

58m | Jun 16, 2024

This week's episode is a powerful testament to the transformative power of music, determination, and authentic relationships.

DJ Misses shares her journey from a college student tired of predictable party music to a successful DJ who built her career from the ground up. Her story is one of passion and perseverance, highlighting the importance of staying true to oneself and following one’s dreams, even in the face of skepticism and societal expectations. She talks about the challenges and triumphs of being a female DJ and how she turned a hobby into a thriving career, proving that with dedication and hard work, anything is possible.

DJ Incognito, a seasoned radio personality and entrepreneur, delves into his early experiences in radio and how he navigated the industry to become a syndicated radio host. His narrative emphasizes the significance of mentorship, seizing opportunities, and the critical role of networking in building a successful career. He offers a heartfelt reflection on the importance of helping others rise and the power of seeing potential in oneself that others might not yet recognize.

Throughout the episode, the conversation weaves through themes of authenticity, the influence of social media, and the delicate balance between maintaining personal integrity and navigating the politics of the entertainment industry. Corielle and her guests discuss the misconceptions about success and the often-overlooked hard work and resilience required behind the scenes. They touch on the pitfalls of social media’s illusion of effortless success and the reality of relentless effort that underpins true achievement.

The episode is a celebration of black excellence and a call to action for listeners to stop playing small and start living their lives with purpose and passion.

Whether you're an aspiring DJ, a budding entrepreneur, or someone seeking motivation to follow your dreams, this episode of "Girl Stop Playin'" offers valuable insights and encouragement to take bold steps toward your goals.


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