• Episode #27 | Good Lies Golf - Ohio has some great golf & Brendan is coming to The Hamptons

    Brendan books his trip out to The Hamptons this summer for some mic'ed up golf with Zach & Ryan. He has been getting after it, hitting most of the top public golf courses in the Cincinnati area working on his game. Driver is washed but he's working on it. We also discuss some Michael Block magic over the course of the PGA Championship and the ace heard around the world - what it means for the PGA and more. Look out for our blog posts, course reviews, and mic'ed up sessions coming out soon! We're excited to expand on our content for you.

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    28m | May 24, 2023
  • Episode #26 | Good Lies Golf - We're all eager for some golf after Mother's Day weekend

    After a successful Mother's Day weekend of extravagant brunches and quiche, the boys made their way back out to the courses to work on their game. Brendan hit Little Miami Golf Center in Ohio and Ryan hit the Montauk Downs on Long Island. Gearing up for an exciting weekend of New York golf at the PGA Championship, the boys recall some moments worth remembering this week. Can Brendan fix his drive? Can Ryan get the much needed playtime to correct his swing issues? We don't know... but we will certainly bring you along every step of the way.

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    36m | May 17, 2023
  • Episode #25 | Good Lies Golf - Mini golf is the perfect practice for a round of golf

    The boys from #GoodLiesGolf share some funny moments from the past week. Brendan getting down on some family fun and practicing his short game on the mini golf course with his son while Ryan did about 4,000 reps on the swing stick. Warm up routines, favorite tips to remember, and lessons on how to have fun out there from the best. Gearing up for another hot golfer summer - we bring you aboard our journey to greatness... or stupidity.

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    40m | May 10, 2023
  • Episode #24 | Good Lies Golf - Just two dummies working on our short game

    Another week of #GoodLiesGolf brings Brendan and Ryan back to chat about their weekly lessons on and off the course. After an incredible display of athleticism and perseverance, Good Lies Golf correspondent Cody Douglass birdied three holes on his back nine this past week - still losing the round overall to his twin brother Brendan. Ryan chats about some of his favorite moments out there on the course and how his short game feels. We give you our hot takes for the Wells Fargo weekend and more...

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    34m | May 4, 2023
  • Episode #23 | Good Lies Golf - Islanders playoffs & a salute to improvements

    The boys bring you some high spirited news from the Island of Long... with Ryan back from his shoulder injury and the Islanders winning game 5 to force a game 6 back in New York, you could say luck is turning around for the #GoodLiesGolf crew. Recapping the last few weeks of their golf rounds and the lessons learned, Brendan and Ryan reflect on the Mexico Open, the Tiger mentality era, putting strategy, chip game and more.

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    36m | Apr 26, 2023
  • Episode #22 | Good Lies Golf - Florida Man Strikes Again

    Ryan and Brendan both had themselves a nice little week of golf in two different parts of the country! Ryan was down at a nice little private 9 hole course on Hutchinson Island while Brendan took his talents to Legendary in Ohio. Breaking down the improvements this week in their games, they also recap Matt Fitzpatrick who battled out a massive victory this week in Harbour Town. LIV golf hot takes and Patrick Reeds issues and more.... WATCH US on YouTube: https://youtu.be/YwTU8N2Dc5U or visit our website to check out our blog, www.goodliesgolf.co.

    34m | Apr 20, 2023
  • Episode #21 | Good Lies Golf - Mid April Refresh & Masters Recap

    Brendan & Ryan give you another great week of banter with #GoodLiesGolf. Catching up on the latest rounds they've played, discussing the mindset of Brooks and his breakdown on Sunday, and what will Jon Rahm buy with all that new bread he's secured from his latest Master's victory... jump into the fun and tune in! Watch our episode on YouTube at https://youtu.be/WYjqz7b4Cag or check out more on our website at www.goodliesgolf.co!

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    34m | Apr 13, 2023
  • Episode #20 | Good Lies Golf - Season Two Launch - The Masters ft. Ryan Merriman


    After a much needed sabbatical and revamp, the crew from Good Lies Golf is back for another season! This episode features former East Hampton Golf Club Superintendent, Ryan Merriman chatting with us about all things life, golf, and of course - The Masters.

    The new season of Good Lies Golf is now all on video! These are all hosted on our YouTube studio channel (www.youtube.com/@threemilemedia).

    We are also posting weekly blogs on our website (www.goodliesgolf.co), as well as product reviews and more!

    Our Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok will all have course reviews and funny videos from our weekly gatherings of golf. We hope you enjoy all the hard work we've put into this new season because it's going to be epic. #GoodLiesGolf

    51m | Apr 5, 2023
  • Episode #19 | Good Lies Golf - The Tour Championship!

    The PGA Golf season is at its end - we have arrived at The Tour Championship. Famously won by Shooter McGavin in the past, the top 30 names in golf compete to show off first place and be the proud owner of 18 million dollars! The boys bring you some insight from the world of golf this week and some hot picks to go along with it! We have so much more content coming for you guys in the next few weeks - course reviews, special guest interviews, merchandise and more! This is only the beginning. #GoodLiesGolf is here to stay!

    Stay tuned and follow us on Instagram @GoodLiesGoldPod and on Twitter @GoodLiesGolf.

    39m | Aug 25, 2022
  • Episode #18 | Good Lies Golf - BMW Championship & more!

    FedEx Cup Playoffs! The final tournament before the Tour Championship is here - the BMW. The boys from #GoodLiesGolf bring you some playful banter about the latest topics! Who plays well on Northeast courses? Who’s trending hot? Who drives long enough for this course? Covering all that along with Will Zalatoris’s first big win, Cam Smith’s “injury”, Max Homa’s big promotion and more on this weeks episode of Good Lies Golf! 

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    43m | Aug 17, 2022
  • Episode #17 | Good Lies Golf - FedEx St. Jude Championship

    PLAYOFFS?!... PLAYOFFS?! That's right! We're in FedEx Cup Playoff season on #GoodLiesGolf with the FedEx St. Jude Championship. Three more tournaments left to finish out this PGA Tour Season. With tens of millions on the line, you're going to see some golfers wake up and strike it this week! Guys looking to make their move into the top 70 for next week with plenty of pride and reputation on the line. We give you all the info you need to place some good bets, updating you on LIV golf news and more. Don't miss this episode!

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    37m | Aug 10, 2022
  • Episode #16 | Good Lies Golf - Special Guest: Paul Annacone

    Good vibes this week with legendary guest, Paul Annacone. Former world ranked tennis player, coach of Federer & Sampras, and buttery vocal Broadcaster - Paul joins us to talk shop! Covering a wide range of topics from sports mentalities and winning habits to the division of the LIV Golf movement & PGA Tour, Tennis, localism and more... A truly epic episode you will not want to miss this week on #GoodLiesGolf!

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    1h 27m | Aug 3, 2022
  • Episode #15 | Good Lies Golf - The Rocket Mortgage Classic

    The PGA Tour season is coming to an end with the last few tournaments rolling in... This week we have the Rocket Mortgage Classic. A talented blend of golfers this tee off in Detroit's finest golf club to see who can punch their playoff tickets & keep momentum going! The boys from Good Lies bring you all the insight, hot takes, and picks you need to be successful for the week. Can Ryan win this week to balance out the weekly leaderboard? Can Brendan bounce back after his loss last week? Will Zach reign supreme with his lineup once again?! Find out this week on #GoodLiesGolf.

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    37m | Jul 27, 2022
  • Episode #14 | Good Lies Golf - The 3M Open

    Good Lies Golf bringing another week of good vibes at you for the 3M Open in Minnesota! Top 65 in the world tee off at TPC Twin Cities for what should be an exciting birdie fest. Past champions and hot hands try to battle it out for the last bit of FedEx points before the season comes to an end. With only a few tournaments left there's no better time to grab some insight for your lineups and straight picks! Can Ryan catch up to Zach & Brendan this week and tie it all up at 6-6-6 down the home stretch?! Find out on this weeks episode of #GoodLiesGolf.

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    38m | Jul 20, 2022
  • Episode #13 | Good Lies Golf - The Open Championship - MAJOR

    It's major time! The boys from Good Lies Golf bring you their hot takes and insight for The Open at St Andrews this week. Played on the worlds oldest golf course, The Old Course at St Andrews has provided some of the greatest viewing moments in golf history. Tiger won it twice here during his heyday and he's back in the field this week - always a meter for a great weekend. Can the boys rebound from their sloppy picks last week and make some magic happen?! Can Brendan or Ryan tie up to Zach in the season win count? Find out on this weeks new episode of #GoodLiesGolf.

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    44m | Jul 13, 2022
  • Episode #12 | Good Lies Golf - Genesis Scottish Open

    The boys are back for another week and it's a big one! The Genesis Scottish Open is an absolutely stacked field with 14 of the worlds top 15 golfers. DP World Tour in the mix, Scottish hometown pride, and planes flying in from Chile... who knows what will happen! We give our picks and predictions for this week and we even shed a little light on the LIV Tour. Giving you the best hot takes and more, welcome to another episode of #GoodLiesGolf!

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    44m | Jul 6, 2022
  • Episode #11 | Good Lies Golf - The John Deere Classic

    YEHAW Skeeter! Welcome to the John Deere Classic. The boys from Good Lies Golf bring you another week of picks, hot takes, idiocy and more. The PGA Tour will tee off this week at TPC Deere Run in Silvis, Illinois. A less notable field brings on lots of fresh competition... Dark horses, sleepers, and hungry players will find their way to the top. Everyone from Korn Ferry guys looking to make a name for themselves, to guys like Adam Hadwin looking to punch his card to The Open - this week has it all! We hope you're as excited to watch as we are. Sit back, spark up, and enjoy this weeks episode of #GoodLiesGolf!

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    35m | Jun 29, 2022
  • Episode #10 | Good Lies Golf - The Travelers Championship

    The boys from #GoodLiesGolf are back for another week of camaraderie and good laughs. Ryan called the correct winner of the US Open last week with Matt Fitzpatrick so some would say he's on a hot streak! The boys break down their picks, predictions, US Open recaps, course insights for this week and more. This week is extra special because the boys are hosting their 1st Annual Good Lies Golf Tournament in Apple Valley, Ohio. Stay tuned on our social media for the full schedule of coverage!

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    47m | Jun 23, 2022
  • Episode #9 | Good Lies Golf - The US Open - MAJOR

    IT'S MAJOR TIME! The Good Lies Golf crew brings you another amazing episode of insightful perspectives on this weeks PGA Tournament: the US Open. Hosted at Brookline Country Club, this tournament will be one of the toughest yet. Blind approach shots, blazing fast greens, tight narrow fairways and a disgustingly thick rough - the pros are in for a battle this week. Learn who has advantages during these types of moments. Who plays well under pressure? Who plays well in bad rough? We go over all that and more on this new episode of Good Lies Golf!

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    42m | Jun 16, 2022
  • Episode #8 | Good Lies Golf - RBC Canadian Open

    Ah the Canadian Open... the time of year where the PGA boys take their game up to St. George's Country Club in Toronto for one of the original big three titles in golf! In a crowded field of 150+ golfers playing on one of the nicest courses in Canada, this is a week you shouldn't skip. The boys bring you their predictions & insight along with picks to prove it. Can a Canadian golfer take home first place for the first time in sixty-eight years? Ask Corey Conners. Grab a drink, kick back, relax and enjoy this weeks episode of #GoodLiesGolf

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    41m | Jun 9, 2022
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