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Grunge Magick

A podcast about magick, occultism, the unexplained, and the paranormal.


Tech Witchcraft & Hacking Consciousness
Show Details21min 28s
Tarot: Good, Bad, and the Ugly.
Show Details27min 43s
Parasocial Relationships in the Occult Community
Show Details30min
What's With Mercury Retrograde?
Show Details28min 41s
Medication and Witchcraft
Show Details27min 1s
Ghost Stories & Strange Happenings
Show Details28min 24s
True Will, Thelema & Ableism
Show Details25min 7s
Grifters in the Occult Community
Show Details28min 51s
White Supremacy & Fascism in the Occult
Show Details26min 31s
Grunge Magick (Trailer)
Show Details1min