Prose Tinted Glasses

Put on your prose tinted glasses and join us as we discuss fandoms, book opinions, and life through those lenses.


19. Pride & Prejudice & Deadlines
Show Details48min 23s
18. Firekeeper's Daughter
Show Details1hr 4min
16. Monster Fu-… Er, Monster Boyfriends
Show Details54min 19s
15. Spooky Season
Show Details1hr 7min
14. Live From Fretboard Brewing: Star Wars, LotR, Harry Potter, a Trip Back to High School English Class
Show Details1hr 9min
13. The Priory of the Orange Tree: Here Be Controversial Dragons
Show Details1hr 8min
12. YA Revisited: Hunger Games, Uglies, A Great and Terrible Beauty, Oh My!
Show Details1hr 5min
11. This Story Again?: AKA You've Probably Heard This Before
Show Details59min 43s
10. Everything is FanFic and Nothing Hurts
Show Details49min 6s
9. Legendborn: Justice for Merthur
Show Details52min 20s
8. It's Gay and It Slaps
Show Details1hr 1min
7. TikTok is Video Tumblr, Change My Mind
Show Details1hr 1min
6. Shadow and Bone: 8 Hours of Ben Barnes and Tacos
Show Details1hr 2min
5: Six of Crows: Here for the Heists
Show Details1hr 17min
4. The Grishaverse Trilogy: Angsty Golden Retrievers & MacGuffins
Show Details56min 28s
3. Millennials vs. The Publishing Industry: A Reckoning
Show Details47min 19s
2. Actually Not Like The Other Girls (Though Still Against the Patriarchy)
Show Details1hr 11min
1. "When Will People Stop Talking About Harry Potter?"
Show Details50min 19s
Prose Tinted Glasses Trailer
Show Details2min 46s