• Devin Haney is DONE... *Attention, STEROIDS ARE NOW LEGAL*


    We HATE Devin Haney, we HATE Bill Haney, we HATE Shakoor Steveson.

    Look its been a year, we gotta clear out the old show notes, not our problem bro. D-Razz is having his third fight next month, catch up on the lore to be prepared for the next episode.

    Here is D-Razz pro debut for a little "context" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k3xkZlDS8pk

    1h 16m - May 15, 2024
  • Mike Tyson is a MOSSAD Operative * Breaking news for high IQ boxing fans * *

    Unfortunately everyone we love has been compromised, turn off your radios, turn off your phones, do not listen to this or anyone else. Mike Tyson has been outed as a MOSSAD operative unfortunately.

    In addition to this breaking, and sad news we also cover all of the fake and gay shit fights that boxing has delivered for 2023 so far.

    1h 9m - May 24, 2023
  • D-Razz shoots on his second pro fight and tells all... DID HE WIN?!

    This is a deep cut folks, if you aint a freak turn around and get the fucc outta here.

    There is no shit posting today, no gamer words and no jokes. Just a man giving his side of the story.

    This week, D-Razz tells us how his second fight pro boxing fight went down.

    1h 7m - Apr 16, 2023
  • Jon Jones has ALWAYS been based.. D-RAZZ SECOND FIGHT THIS WEEKEND!

    She should have looked both fuckin ways, its not his fault!

    Our guy won, and the freaks celebrate.

    When will they stop shoving "them" down our throat?

    Leigh Wood is a shoot homosexual.

    D-Razz is about to commit a homicide, details inside.

    1h 24m - Mar 7, 2023
  • Is Tank Davis a HOMOSEXUAL? PLUS! Stephen Jackson Report * High IQ Fight Talk*

    Has Tank Davis been a damn homo this whole time?

    Do zoomer fem boys fit in with the next generation of UFC fighters?

    Our review of Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins

    1h 12m - Feb 2, 2023
  • We were right about Paddy the WHOLE Time, He SUCKS! UFC 282 High IQ Talk

    I fucking told you guys, PADDY IS COMPLETE ASS.

    • Terrance Crawford is a biddness man
    • Teofimo Lopez is a spaz and is shit
    • Paddy and Muttball Mccann are both trash
    • Darren Till was outwrestled by a child for 8 weeks in Thailand
    • Nobody knows or cares who MJF is

    What can I say? Another POSITIVE show for you guys, the only ones who matter. Merry Christmas everybody.

    1h 18m - Dec 13, 2022
  • Lets talk about Boxing I guess *Merry Christmas*

    Merry Christmas to all the fight fuck fans out there!

    • Boxing
    • MMA
    • Bidness
    • Business
    • Fem Boys
    • Blacks
    • Hoke Hogan the Hokester

    Dont know if we will do another one of these, but send your goodbyes to SuperFightFreaksPodcast@gmail.com

    1h 16m - Dec 9, 2022
  • UFC 280 *High IQ Breakdown* Is Suga Sean ready?

    Good afternoon friends. It has come to my attention that hackers have manipulated the audio of the podcast in an attempt to make us sound racist, sexist, and NOT sex positive. Long time fans will know that the remarks made in this podcast, could not possibly have been made by us.

    Under normal conditions this podcast would not be uploaded in its current state, but due to our strict upload schedule, we are left with no choice.

    1h 17m - Oct 19, 2022
  • CANELO VS GGG 3 *High IQ Fight Talk Only*

    Guys, we are back, its an emergency meeting, Canelo vs GGG 3 is less than a day away. We spend the entire episode unpacking this colossal fight from EVERY perspective.

    When this episode concludes you are going to be the smartest guy on the block when it comes to Canelo vs GGG 3. Listen then place your bets!

    1h 4m - Sep 16, 2022
  • Jermell Charlo is the most SHIT undisputed champ ... PLUS *Boxing Trivia for Autists*

    Hit us up at superfightfreakspodcast@gmail.com and we will read your whack shit on air.

    In a misguided attempt at sounding knowledgeable, D-Razz unleashes a truly frighteningly autistic rant on boxing history. Perhaps it went a bit too long, or perhaps he finally revealed his true power level.

    -Charlo is the most SHIT undisputed champ of all time

    -The fear that Adam Cole has waking up every morning

    Guys, I have to apologize, the podcast was recorded several days ago and I CANNOT remember what else was discussed. Im guessing Jordynne Grace and Andrei Arlovski were brought up at some point.

    1h 10m - May 28, 2022
  • I said I would HANG MYSELF if Canelo ever fought Bivol... *Michael Chandler is NOT racist*

    Want us to read a shit post on the next show? Respond to your stupid fucking questions? Hit us up at SuperFightFreaksPodcast@gmail.com

    Our guy D-Razz made his boxing debut against a single father out of Detroit, MI last month. Here it is: https://youtu.be/sa6hkMhsvkA

    Yeah I said it.. I said I would kill myself if Canelo ever fought Bivol. Now I'm doubling down by promising to take someone with me if Canelo has a rematch against Bivol.

    • Fuck *******, ********, ****** and dykes.
    • One of our own puts WWE diva _____ in her place. (One of the two bimbos from Australia.)

    I know its the second time in a row, but since this podcast was recorded late last night I have no idea what we talked about. Im guessing slampigs and Canelo but I dont want to officially include it as that would be VERY controversial if we were wrong. Enjoy.

    1h 16m - May 13, 2022
  • Im Not a Step-Father, I'm the Father That STEPPED UP! *High IQ UFC, Boxing and Shit Talk*

    URGENT! D-Razz, our co-host, made his pro debut against a local first responder, which can be viewed here https://youtu.be/sa6hkMhsvkA Charges are pending for all parties involved.

    URGENT! If you have something to say to us, or the other freaks out there, hit us up at SuperFightFreaksPodcast@gmail.com and let us know what's up. We will read your shit on-air no matter what it says.

    Since this is being uploaded the morning after, I regret to inform you all that I do not remember what was discussed in this podcast. I think we might have talked about Andrei Arlovski again for 20 minutes, probably focused on his 05'-07' run. I think we also mentioned something about slam pigs and if Sasha Banks is still fucking fans. Sorry guys, I will make notes next time, so just listen and maybe shoot me an email with the description of the episode so I can edit this.

    1h 48m - Apr 30, 2022
  • The Wolf Still Howls Brudder! No Spence vs Ugas talk *No Interest*

    Our co-host D-Razz fighting a local first responder in his debut fight.


    The freaks are back and this time they dont give a fuck about Spence vs Ugas since its gay.

    • Chimaev is still wolf brudder
    • How we booked a shoot funeral
    • The road back to Twitter?
    • Dern is looking leaner but wrong move
    • No favorite match talk

    Email us at Superfightfreakspodcast@gmail.com how do what do?

    2h 53m - Apr 17, 2022
  • Paddy Pimblett is a PSYOP and MUST be IGNORED

    Got something to say? Superfightfreakspodcast@gmail.com

    Our co-host D-Razz fighting a local first responder. https://youtu.be/sa6hkMhsvkA

    As always, the freaks are ahead of the curve. We called Paddy Pimblett a false flag the moment he arrived on the scene.

    • Meatwad Molly Mcann is disgusting. Never feed a stray dog.
    • Toni Storm hit the weights, took a shower and got a clue.
    • What we can all learn from Fat Joe
    • Blair Cobbs got his ass kicked, so what?
    • Scott Hall is dead

    So much more.

    2h 6m - Mar 25, 2022
  • Khamzat bout to Smesh Burns! Can Sterling get the DQ again? UFC 273 and more..

    ITS LIVE! Our very own, D-Razz made his professional debut. Where else are you seeing shit like this? Right here only baby.


    • Khamzat ready to fuckin smesh Burns, easy fight
    • We dont fucking care bro
    • How pathetic was Sterling last time and can he secure the DQ again?
    • Will Korean Zombie hit the weights and get a clue?
    • Choo choo, the D-Razz train is ready to take off, get locked in now!
    1h 58m - Mar 19, 2022
  • AEW Revolution & Masvidal vs Covington *HIGH IQ ONLY*

    Hit us up at superfightfreakspodcast@gmail.com and let us know you are out there, we think a large portion of our "listeners" might actually be bots as apart of some type of PSY OP being perpetuated by YOU KNOW WHO.

    -We review AEW Revolution twice

    -A little NUANCED talk about Covington vs Masvidal now that the dust has settled

    -How gay is Wrestlemania shaping up to be?

    superfightfreakspodcast@gmail.com hit us up and we will read your BULLSHIT on air.

    2h 12m - Mar 15, 2022
  • The "Breaking News" Episode..

    And here is another thing brother, if you are listening to us send us an email, we think a lot of the listens might be bots. SUPERFIGHTFREAKSPODCAST@GMAIL.COM

    1h 57m - Feb 25, 2022
  • UFC 270 Wrap Up, Plus the mailbag and the GAY question finally answered.

    -The GAY question

    -Can we admit we get the appeal of killing hookers?

    -Fedor vs Ngannou

    -Stone Cold promo

    -How would you torture Gresham?

    -Something about Usyk

    1h 40m - Jan 29, 2022
  • Is Ryan Garcia a COWARD or the BRAVEST boxer of all time? All that and more!

    The freaks sit back and recollect over a dismal 2021, who is to blame and why are they doing this?

    • Is Ryan Garcia a coward or the bravest boxer ever?
    • Is Joe Smith "our guy" or just another example of controlled opposition?
    • How has Chael Sonnen crossed me?
    • An update of our favorite favela monkey..

    All that and more on the FIRST episode of 2022, get in on the ground level folks. You're right where you are supposed to be.

    1h 25m - Jan 8, 2022
  • Canelo's ACTUAL record revealed & *Canelo vs Plant* & *Usman vs Covington* HIGH IQ ONLY

    Ay we bussin' you fuck freak fucks we are breaking down Canelo vs Plant and UFC 684 like every other podcast in town. Unfortunately we must follow suit and talk about this shit.

    • Has our father been a victim of Jewish propaganda?
    • The only suitable destination for women in wrestling is humiliation softcore porn
    • We trade handshakes and barbs in a disagreement over the sincerity of Mike Tyson
    • Why Canelo is actual 46-16-3
    • UFC 3065 breakdown
    • Canelo vs Plant breakdown

    Plus some more gems for you SICK fucks, youre home with us.

    1h 48m - Nov 3, 2021
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