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the sparkling stories

Yes, we do have a new name. We started as Meet the CEO Podcast but on this format we missed lots of sparkling stories from people who are not a CEO.

The idea of this podcast will stay the same. Once a week I will share insights from guests with a wide range of experiences and learnings. What do they have in common?

They share a very special story. About work, about their lives. We will share thoughts and ideas that no one else will share with you. ✨ No episode is scripted, it is a chat between two people, and we are going to see where the conversation takes us.


E 24: Fashion has a significant impact on our self-consciousness. This is why I want to educate people. Sergio Ines
Show Details52min 15s
E 23: Attention to detail makes the difference! Bard Farstad
Show Details47min 54s
EP 22: The Clash of Generations is on...maybe. Dina Brandt
Show Details40min 38s
EP 21: Communication connects! Sachar Klein, hypr PR
Show Details40min 27s
EP 20: Do you know the Customer Livetime Value of your clients? Valentin Radu
Show Details45min 58s
EP 19: Emotional brand design is key to bond with your customers. Alain Sylvain
Show Details51min
EP 18: Sometimes you need to shift directions to stay ahead of your competitor. Tink Taylor
Show Details37min 26s
EP 17: Pursuing what you love most helps creating a company. Bernhard Fragner
Show Details31min 33s
EP 16: Company culture is the key to long time success in most industries. Boris Diekmann, Heidrick & Struggles
Show Details55min 5s
EP15: Creating a company is a marathon - not a sprint! Michael Kraeftner - CELUM
Show Details40min 55s
EP14: Our world will evolve to a phygital stage soon! Nicolas Prevost - yeamob
Show Details46min 17s
EP13: We changed on how we purchase cars. And build companies! Sergio Studer - CARIFY
Show Details40min 58s
EP12: Company growth is key - but people are way more important! Fabian van Hoegee , ROCKETX
Show Details32min 21s
EP11: Connect with our kids to create a life long bonding! Anieke Lamers - PEEKABOND
Show Details35min 26s
#10: There are lot´s of sharp minded women out there and we are their kickstarter! Lauren Dallas, Future Females
Show Details23min 20s
#9: Colorblindness is a thing we could really use for a fulfilled future! Stevanija Zecevic, BRADAS
Show Details36min 43s
#8: It´s all about storytelling! How to grow a brand with purpose! Matt Jones, Four Pillars Gin
Show Details52min 26s
#7: The Gamer Generation taking over! Thomas Rafelsberger,
Show Details46min 40s
#6: Stay focused and keep your team motivated! Brent Bellm, BigCommerce
Show Details49min 48s
#5: Every business is people business. That is why honesty matters. Callum McKeefery, CEO
Show Details44min
#4: Don´t multitask! Focus on one thing at a time! Oliver Bruns, NEVEON
Show Details53min 48s
#3: It´s all about mindset. Find the right team and care about your strengths to succeed in the long run! Todd Welling, Founder OVERDOSE.
Show Details56min 35s
#2: Never settle - be eager to learn new skills to succeed! Gernot Schwendtner, weGrow Founder
Show Details47min 53s
#1: Don´t get bored by having everything under controll! Rob van den Heuvel, Sendcloud Founder
Show Details25min 48s