Meet the CEO with Stephan Grad

Exchange of experiences is key for personal development. Our Podcast will provide access to CEOs of companies worldwide. The "Meet the CEO" podcast talks with CEOs from different, well-known, and unknown companies. It's about hearing their story, talking to the people about ideas, experiences, learnings, and sharing them in the podcast episode. The episodes are not scripted and directly off the top of my head. Every CEO wants to develop further. This works best through the experiences of people who have a similar function and therefore also face the same challenges, tasks, and opportunities - and this is the best chance to meet those people.


#10: There are lot´s of sharp minded women out there and we are their kickstarter! Lauren Dallas, Future Females
Show Details23min 20s
#9: Colorblindness is a thing we could really use for a fulfilled future! Stevanija Zecevic, BRADAS
Show Details36min 43s
#8: It´s all about storytelling! How to grow a brand with purpose! Matt Jones, Four Pillars Gin
Show Details52min 26s
#7: The Gamer Generation taking over! Thomas Rafelsberger,
Show Details46min 40s
#6: Stay focused and keep your team motivated! Brent Bellm, BigCommerce
Show Details49min 48s
#5: Every business is people business. That is why honesty matters. Callum McKeefery, CEO
Show Details44min
#4: Don´t multitask! Focus on one thing at a time! Oliver Bruns, NEVEON
Show Details53min 48s
#3: It´s all about mindset. Find the right team and care about your strengths to succeed in the long run! Todd Welling, Founder OVERDOSE.
Show Details56min 35s
#2: Never settle - be eager to learn new skills to succeed! Gernot Schwendtner, weGrow Founder
Show Details47min 53s
#1: Don´t get bored by having everything under controll! Rob van den Heuvel, Sendcloud Founder
Show Details25min 48s