Producer Eric Ronn of "Pie in the Sky"

27m | Feb 12, 2024

"Pie in the Sky" is available VOD and streaming everywhere you watch your favorite films.

This film is funny, heartwarming and sweet as apple pie. The performances from Callan and O'Brien are stellar and these supremely talented actresses know the characters of Mama and Dory inside and out giving them an authenticity not often seen in film. A fun bonus is that you can bake Mama's pie in the time it takes to watch this incredible film.

."Mama shares the family's secret apple pie recipe at her disheartened daughter's birthday in hopes Dory will be able to find the right ingredients for a new life"

Eric Ronn is a thoughtful and thought provoking producer, his works include "By the Book", "ASU: A State Of Uncertainty", "The Beast 3000" and "Pie in the Sky" you can keep up with his work at and on SM under @ontheronn

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