Remembering Tony Rice - Episode 3 (Chris Thile, Critter Eldridge, Molly Tuttle, and Bryan Sutton )

Season 1
1h 55m | Feb 5, 2021
In the final chapter of our three-part tribute to Tony Rice, Tom talks to the musicians who have been inspired by Tony Rice throughout their career, and the musicians through whom Tony's music will live on. Chris Thile (1:58) talks about a jam with Tony backstage that changed his musical life. Chris 'Critter' Eldridge (33:17) talks about time he spent living with and learning from Tony - not just about music, but about life. Molly Tuttle (1:03:58) speaks about Tony's influence on her guitar playing and how she sees him music living on even through musicians like her who didn't know him personally, and Bryan Sutton (1:21:09) talks recording with Tony and what he learned about how to be himself through Tony Rice's example.
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