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The SPOT Check

Real talk from an occupational and speech therapist about the reality of living with chronic diseases beyond "Dr. Google" diagnosis. Through interviewing health care practitioners as well as people who actually live with the chronic diseases, we'll bring on the evidence, the science, and the reality of the human experience.


Better Know a Chart Review - Head and Neck Cancer Edition
Show Details38min 23s
B-Rolling: All About That (Thyroid) Gland
Show Details36min 53s
Cancer Can Happen to Anyone at Anytime
Show Details44min 23s
Head and Neck Cancer - Did You Know?
Show Details22min 48s
B-Rolling About Breast Cancer and All the Things
Show Details55min 31s
Young & Breastfeeding.... Now Breast Cancer? One Survivor Story
Show Details50min 58s
Meet Your Hosts
Show Details34min 24s