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Building a better community for young men through conversations based on life experiences and creating solutions for the challenges we face.


SP9 Can I Afford What I Qualified For?
Show Details10min 6s
SP8 Convo with an electrical engineer
Show Details31min 29s
SP7 You are the Architect of your Life
Show Details6min 22s
SP6 Starting to meet new Women after custody
Show Details9min 28s
SP5 Taking care of your mental health during custody case
Show Details10min 1s
SP4 How to Conduct yourself in Family Court
Show Details4min 28s
SP3 Having false allegations in Family Court
Show Details4min 23s
SP2 Protect yourself in Family Court
Show Details5min 42s
SP1 What to expect when going into Family Court
Show Details11min 47s