The Fish Tank: Miami Dolphins Tales From The Deep

Dive in with Miami Dolphins all-time great, O.J. McDuffie, and co-host Seth Levit as the guys are joined by their friends from Dolphins Nation for conversation that ranges from thought provoking to outrageously hilarious. Whether the guest is a former Dolphins player, team personnel, or member of the South Florida sports media, when you’re in the tank you can expect some of the best stories you’ve never heard!


James McKnight: I Did Things The Right Way
Show Details1hr 3min
Irving Fryar: I Should Be Dead
Show Details1hr 17min
Jason Jackson: Video Did NOT Kill The Radio Star
Show Details52min 30s
Kendall Langford: I’m Big On First Impressions
Show Details47min 34s
Anthony Harris: Car For Car
Show Details56min 32s
John Offerdahl: Living Life Off The Grill
Show Details59min 43s
Wes Welker: Finally Somebody Did Their Homework
Show Details1hr
Jeff Darlington: A Master Spinner
Show Details1hr 4min
Channing Crowder: Whatcha See is Whatcha Get
Show Details50min 24s
Damon Huard: Passing Time
Show Details59min 23s
Blake Ferguson: The Sniper Mentality
Show Details42min 5s
Raekwon Davis: Say My Name At The Door
Show Details32min 20s
Bryan Cox: I Couldn’t Stand Them
Show Details1hr 10min
Olindo Mare: It Can't Be That Hard
Show Details1hr 15min
Charles Jordan: Lucky
Show Details1hr 15min
Dave Cross: Hey Lou!
Show Details52min 9s
Davone Bess: A Hang Loose Lifestyle
Show Details1hr 8min
Bob Baumhower: Islands in the Stream
Show Details58min 13s
Brandon Marshall: Once You Lose It, Then You Lose
Show Details49min 49s
A.J. Duhe: I’ll Have The Pork Parmesan
Show Details1hr 7min
Greg Camarillo: I Didn’t Suck
Show Details57min 38s
Bart Scott: What’s a Goon to a Goblin?
Show Details56min 26s
Keith Jackson: This is Football, Not Shakespeare
Show Details58min 19s
Todd Wade: Me and Mrs. Jones
Show Details58min 25s
Keith Sims: The Left Side
Show Details1hr
Jason Cole: I Pushed Hard
Show Details1hr 28min
Trace Armstrong: I Know What Great Looks Like
Show Details56min 14s
Twan Russell: The Angry Christian
Show Details1hr 7min
Manny Fernandez: The Phantom Was Here
Show Details42min 10s
Dave Hyde: It Was A Wild Experience
Show Details1hr 3min
Richmond Webb: Big Guys Love Small Cars
Show Details1hr 9min
Ray Lucas: Split You To The White Meat
Show Details1hr 13min
Jay Fiedler: I mighta won a few times too
Show Details54min 19s
Larry Izzo: I’ll Eat The Mustard
Show Details1hr 23min
Ricky Williams: The Star of the Symphony
Show Details57min 29s
Don Shula Remembered
Show Details55min 20s
Joy Taylor: It's Been a Journey
Show Details1hr 9min
Armando Salguero: People Tell Me Stuff
Show Details1hr 36min
Larry Csonka, Larry Little & Mercury Morris: Perfection
Show Details1hr 8min
Jim Kiick: I was the better lookin’ one
Show Details27min 39s
Mark Higgs: The Lawn Mower
Show Details1hr
The Best Of The Fish Tank: Season II
Show Details53min 55s
Morlon Greenwood: You Know It’s Ultimate!
Show Details57min 37s
William Judson: My Assistant Was Dan Marino
Show Details42min 7s
Kendall Newson: The Fishing Kid
Show Details47min 14s
Ralph Stringer: Does That S#%t Work?
Show Details1hr 15min
Randy McMichael: My Damn Dolphins
Show Details1hr 7min
Larry Seiple: Taking Candy From A Baby
Show Details50min 36s
Randal “Thrill” Hill: I’m That Guy
Show Details1hr 19min
Bobby Monica: I Just Tried To Make It Comfortable For The Guys
Show Details55min 27s
Kim Bokamper: Don't Quit
Show Details1hr 27min
Chris Chambers: I Will Fire You
Show Details1hr 9min
Jeff Darlington: I Like People Who Like Me
Show Details1hr 15min
Training Camp Special: Who Wants A One-on-One?
Show Details1hr 6min
Jason Taylor: Change The Narrative
Show Details1hr 54min
The Best of The Fish Tank: Volume II
Show Details1hr 2min
Troy Drayton: I’m Very Comfortable in the Nude
Show Details1hr 19min
Who is DJ Prec?
Show Details1hr 10min
Stu Weinstein: Draft Intel
Show Details1hr 2min
Calvin Jackson: Short Dog
Show Details54min 30s
Vonnie Holliday: A Little Fat Kid From South Carolina
Show Details50min 20s
Ronnie Brown: The Car Closet
Show Details54min 30s
Trick Daddy: Fins & Hip Hop
Show Details55min 45s
Troy Stradford: I'm The Best One Here!
Show Details50min 21s
Patrick Surtain: If You’re Not Holdin, You’re Not Tryin
Show Details51min 25s
Harvey Greene: Where are the F*ing Busses?
Show Details1hr 18min
Tony Nathan: Are You Serious?
Show Details50min 49s
Mark Duper: Super!
Show Details59min 52s
Mark Clayton: We Were Showtime
Show Details1hr 16min
Adewale Ogunleye: The Prince
Show Details56min 22s
Keith Byars: Life Is Too Good
Show Details59min 43s
Marty Booker: I Still Got It
Show Details1hr
Fright Night: Ethan and Omar Dive In To The Tank
Show Details1hr 11min
The Best of The Fish Tank: Volume I
Show Details40min 9s
Andre Dawson: A Hawk Among Dolphins
Show Details44min 45s
Shawn Wooden: It’s Who You Know
Show Details59min 32s
Louis Oliver: Ridin’ Them Buffalos!
Show Details51min 16s
Joe Rose: The Big Dog
Show Details1hr 11min
John Bock: So I Hit Him With The Left
Show Details38min 30s
Mark Dixon: Hey Look at Me
Show Details56min 50s
David Bowens: Wild Child
Show Details57min
Stu Weinstein: Hey Pal!
Show Details54min 46s
Nat Moore: “We ain’t supposed to score? Nah bro.”
Show Details54min 46s
"I Grew Up That Day": OJ's Daryl Gardener Story
Show Details28min 45s
Terry Kirby: A F*&%#N Blind Guy?
Show Details44min 41s
Tony Egues: The Consigliere
Show Details57min 39s
Zach Thomas: Respect
Show Details1hr 2min
Mike and Maurkice Pouncey: Twice as Nice
Show Details56min 32s
Channing Crowder Part 2: Inception
Show Details44min 4s
Channing Crowder Part 1: "Come Get Papa Bear!"
Show Details51min 25s
Oronde Gadsden: A True Original
Show Details46min 31s
Intro Show - Welcome to The Fish Tank!
Show Details31min 7s
Introducing The Fish Tank: Tales From The Deep
Show Details1min 43s