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Coming Home to Ourselves

This podcast explores the medicine of coming home to yourself.

What do we mean by “coming home to yourself”? It means finding softness, wisdom, strength, and power within you when you’ve been conditioned to look for these things outside of yourself for most of your life. 

When you take refuge in your own body, mind, and soul, you call in an ancient form of knowing. Through practice, you learn to trust your inner voice and listen to it attentively, allowing it to guide you. Our internal journeys can teach us about our own resilience and our own capacity to love and heal. As the podcast creators, we’ve each embarked on personal and spiritual journeys that continue to guide us and heal us (and our individual journeys brought us together to create this series for our community) 

We offer guided meditation journeys, songs, and healing words in our podcast. Please note that while we may use she/her pronouns in our storytelling, that our stories are gender inclusive.

About us:

Harini Sridhar is a writer, narrative medicine facilitator, and psychiatrist-in-training. She loves creating art, practicing meditation, and taking walks with her poodle. She lives in Shakori Land (Chapel Hill, NC). Follow her on instagram @__harinisri

Jenn Pamela Chowdhury is an embodied leadership coach, healer, writer, storyteller, and a lover of nature, community, and the arts. Born in Bangladesh, she lives in Ohlone Land (Oakland, CA) and originally from Lenape Land (Brooklyn, NY). Follow her on instagram @in.full.bloom.coaching